Healthy Meal: Waterzooi de Poulet

Well, I’m not in the best of moods today. I made this for dinner last night (went out after without posting), but I was going to have it again for lunch today, so I figured I’d post then. I packed it all up in my favorite soup mug, cut a nice chunk of baguette to go with it, and even chopped up some carrots to have as a mid-afternoon snack. Unfortunately, I stopped at the pharmacy on my way into work, and totally left my lunch on the counter. The good news: I called the pharmacist and he’s leaving it with the manager of the grocery so I can get it at the end of the day (which is still, unfortunately, a long way away). The bad news: chicken soup does not keep for 12 hours unrefrigerated. At least I get my mug back!

The soup is called Waterzooi de Poulet, and it’s Belgian. Very simple and quick to make, and very refreshing and light tasting, while still filling you up. I will admit that I screwed up the recipe a bit (which is why the soup looks all cloudy and mucky instead of brothy and clear). However, it was still delicious.
Recipe notes:
Used olive oil instead of butter, because I keep automatically adding olive oil to a pot before sauteeing things, and then realizing afterward that it was supposed to be butter. I used skim milk instead of heavy cream. And my fatal flaw: I accidentally put the whole egg in instead of just the yolk. It was still good, but it made little bits of egg white float all through the soup instead of being nice and clear and thick.
Nutrition info:
368 calories for the soup (recipe here)
160 calories for the wheat roll I put with it
Review: 5/5
Very light-tasting and delicious, and a fairly low amount of calories. Just having a bowl of it with a large piece of bread was filling enough for a meal, yet didn’t overstuff me. I’m really bummed that I missed out on the second serving that I made, but I think this is a new favorite that I’ll make soon enough.

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