Maybe blogging about fitness will make me more fit…

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while. I even spent an entire ten minutes coming up with a list of possible names (something boozy and cute, but still healthy. Kind of like a strawberry-peach-orange-99 bananas-protein shake). Unfortunately, I didn’t really come up with anything, so I kind of gave up on it and just used 3FC and other people’s comment feeds as my fora for fitness discussion.

Then on Sunday, I participated in 8 on the 8th. (Okay, so I did it on the 9th). I did pretty well, but was also pretty embarrassed when I turned out to be the only participant who didn’t already have a blog. Nancy referred to me as “The Lurker,” which… just sounds creepy. Clearly I needed to remedy the situation. I then came up with this name in about 30 seconds, and it may be grammatically incorrect, but hey, at least I finally picked something.

So here’s my blog. Updates to come daily, or more if I’m bored. At some point I may also post an official race report from yesterday, but I don’t know how exciting it will be (Summary: Tired. Sore. Has it really only been 2 miles so far??? I need to run more often). We’ll see…


  1. HOW COOL IS THAT!!?? Wow, the power of the word…

    Lurkers are people who read blogs but don’t leave comments. But, you’re right, it sounds a bit creepy. I’m glad you didn’t get PO’d, instead, just enough creeped to do something about it. That is fantastic. I’ll have to update the race report with the news!!

    So glad you decided to join us!

    PS I’ll be in Manhattan in a couple days. :D

  2. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Blogland :-)

    Congrats on the 8 on the 8th finish!

    Yup I did the Troy Turkey Trot, it was a first for me. As well as the Freihoffer’s in June. I’ll most likely end up doing both again this coming up year. Gotta let me know if you come up my way to run!

  3. Hooray, and welcome to the blogosphere!

    But be careful, it’s addictive…

  4. No worries, Nancy, I knew what a lurker was. I just think the term makes me sound like some sketchy figure who skulks around in dark alleys :) If you’re in the city this weekend, I’d love a running buddy for Central Park this weekend… let me know.

    Thanks for the welcomes, everyone :)

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