Fabulous Finds at the Grocery

I read a ton of diet blogs, and a lot of times they’ll mention some great products/brands to try. I Ate A Pie recently featured Tofu Shirataki Noodles, and Hungry-Girl featured Dreyer’s Slow Churned Light Idol Ice Cream in Cheesecake Diva flavor. Both made my list of foods to try, and while I don’t usually take the time to search for things on that list, I do keep an eye out for them. And last night, I found both of those products!

I was hesitant to get the ice cream, because… it’s ice cream. Not that good for you. But it was on sale for $2 off, and OH. MY. GOODNESS. I am so glad I tried it! Well, glad and sad, because now I just want to eat the whole half-gallon tub. It is so delicious; you absolutely have to try it. I think I may have found an alternative to Tasti D-Lite. It’s not nearly as low-cal for the amount you get in a serving, but the flavor is just as good (if not a little better… I can’t believe I just said that). And at $5.99 (sale price) for 14 servings, it’s a lot cheaper than the $3-$3.50 I pay each time I go to Tasti D. I’m still waiting on that sponsorship offer… any Tasti D franchise owners out there? Or friends of franchise owners who can forward a link to my blog?

Watch for my review of the soup I made with the shirataki noodles – will be posted after lunch today.


  1. Is the ice cream better than Edy’s Slow Churned? (I have their Mint Chocolate Chip in my freezer to have after a long run :) )

  2. Actually, it IS Edy’s Slow-Churned. According to the Dreyer’s website, “Dreyer’s and Edy’s Grand Ice Cream are exactly the same products but are marketed as different brand names on the east and west coasts. The two names are used to honor Dreyer’s and Edy’s founders – William Dreyer (an ice cream maker) and Joseph Edy (a confectioner).”

    I didn’t really pay that much attention, but the brand I picked up is indeed Edy’s Slow Churned.

  3. Pictures of your healthy food, yea yea, we get it :) Now how about some pictures of this Tasti D stuff you’re always raving about?

  4. Funny thing: I bought the tofu noodles weeks ago and you just reminded me they are still in the fridge next to a bottle of red, a bag of spinach, and my lipsticks. Now THAT’s nuitrition :-). I’m just a tablespoon of thai peanut satay sauce away from one heck of a dinner!

    Thanks, you just saved me a trip to the grocery ;-).

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