Healthy Meal: Wild Mushroom and Eggplant Ravioli with Snapper Acqua Pazza

Ugh, I just made the worst dinner ever. Honestly, part of it was absolutely inedible… yet I ate it anyway because of my stupid hangup about not wasting food. I wasn’t pressured when I was little or anything, but for some reason I feel incredibly guilty letting food go to waste. Clearly not the best philosophy for my diet, but I can’t seem to shake it, so I just try to make sure I only make/serve small portions so it’s okay to finish.

Anyway, I made this combination of wild mushroom ravioli with eggplant, and red snapper acqua pazza. The ravioli was good, and in the middle of making it, I was like “hmm, this could prob be the whole meal.” I SO wish I had gone with that instinct, but I had already defrosted the fish, and it sounded like that part was light, so I figured I’d still have both. Terrible idea!

Looking at that picture of the snapper kind of makes me want to vomit, because it reminds me of how bad it was. Ugh. I kind of wish I would throw up, because I just feel it all sitting in my stomach, and… ew. However, I don’t have an eating disorder, so it will remain there.

Recipe notes for the ravioli:
I couldn’t find wild mushroom ravioli, so I used cheese tortellini (I’m still calling this recipe ravioli though) and then dumped some chopped mushrooms into the pan with the eggplant. I used crushed tomatoes instead of diced, so it basically came out like pasta with an eggplant-mushroom-marinara sauce. Because the tortellini already had cheese, and I had had goat cheese at lunch, I skipped the goat cheese crumbles and instead just sprinkled on a teeny bit of fat-free grated parmesan topping. However, I think goat cheese would definitely be good with it.

Recipe notes for the snapper:
My notes for the snapper are simple: do not make this. Ever. There, you’re done.

Nutrition facts:
I didn’t put these into Daily Plate as recipes, because I was so disgusted by the snapper that I thought I would never make either one ever again. So you can see the total calorie count, but I can’t give you a full nutrition breakdown.
400 cals for the ravioli (recipe here)
387 cals for the snapper (recipe here)

Review: 1/5
Yes, I have finally given just one star! Honestly, the snapper was really 0 stars (meaning do not make ever again), and the ravioli was 2 stars (meaning it was okay but nothing really special). The snapper was extremely salty (maybe from the anchovies?), and I just didn’t like the concept of a fish fillet in broth. The ravioli I may make again, but I’d rather try to find other recipes to use up the tortellini, because it just wasn’t anything too special or exciting.


  1. That’s too funny about the snapper. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose culinary experiments sometimes go hideously wrong.

  2. Believe me, it was not funny at all if you tasted it! :)

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