Not so healthy…

Just got to my hotel in the middle of nowhere in Delaware. It’s the Doubletree, and they give you a chocolate chip cookie upon arrival. I knew this, and had big plans to eat half the cookie and triumphantly flush the rest down the toilet, then go online and post about how awesome I was. Unfortunately, I ate the whole thing. And then still ate the apple I brought with me that was supposed to be my reward for not eating the cookie.

Wow, I suck at traveling.


  1. Oh I’m giggling like a fool. That is so me. Resolve resolve resolve before I go, then poof. And I’m like, WTH just happened? I suck at traveling too! Hang in there, make some good choices tonight and get back on the wagon tomorrow.

  2. Awe, half a cookie never hurt anyone. A whole cookie, well that’s a different story. But since you really just ate two halves I think you’re ok. And you ate a whole apple. Accentuate the positive!

  3. I’m a horrible “nuitritional enthusiast” as well today. I not only ate a bit of pork… but cheese as well.

    Darn those Costco tasting tables. Darn them.

    I had a spinach salad after, no dressing, to morn the loss of my resolve.

  4. Travelling sucks, hotel food is just the worst. Still tommorow’s another cookie, sorry day!

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