Skirt Chasing

I haven’t even run my half-marathon on Sunday yet, but I’m already thinking about future races. I know I should probably be horribly offended by this, but… I want to be chased in a skirt. Preferably a pink one. And by a hot runner guy.

I wish there was one of these races near me, though if I get on a travel project next, I suppose it won’t matter because I could go anywhere for a race. However, then I wouldn’t meet skirt chasing guys that live in Manhattan and that I could actually date. And isn’t that what running is all about?


  1. After reading yesterday’s meal post, sounds like some guy would do well to chase you. Would you come cook for me?

  2. I’ve wanted to do a Skirtchaser too! I’m looking forward to maybe making it to Chicago in June. The skirts are cute!

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