Adventures at Stratton

I’m a wee bit pathetic. Today’s the ski trip, but it’s 3 PM on a Saturday and I already am back at the condo, too tired to ski any more. My legs were screaming at me as I was taking turns, and overall I was just tired. I finally called it quits when we went on the first run we had done that day (which was pretty easy), and my muscles were literally shaking. I figured it would not be a good idea to stay out there if I wasn’t in control of my body. We had a discussion on the slopes about how to strengthen your muscles for skiing, and the Adams (I was skiing with two friends both named Adam – yes, it was slightly confusing) agreed that running would strengthen your quads and hams. That just made me feel pathetic.

The good news is, I had never done a black diamond before… and today I did one blue, almost everything else single black diamond, and one double diamond!!! The double diamond was tough because it was filled with icy moguls, but that was the only trail I fell on, and I actually fell less than Adam N. Adam S was an awesome skier, and he just cruised down that. Still, I’m thrilled that I pushed myself to try some harder trails. Can I blame that for why my legs are so sore?

So now I’m back at the condo. The good thing is, the condo is absolutely gorgeous, so just relaxing here is still a vacation for me. Off to the hot tub!


  1. Wow, A double-black…that’s impressive! I’m a wuss, so I’ve never gone past a singe black, but then again, I snowboard and not really ski. Actually, I should say I used to snowboard because now that I’ve sustained a broken clavicle the last time I was up in the mountain, I’m now sure if I’ll ever go up again. Anyway, congrats on your double black!

  2. Au contraire; hams yes, quads no!

    Enjoy the piste.

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