Ah, the Monday morning pat-down…

I get special security screening 90% of the time I travel, because I’m quite a suspicious character.

  • I always buy my tickets at the airport, usually with less than an hour until the flight (sometimes, less than 30 minutes).
  • I always buy one way tickets, never round-trip. Because who knows when the client will let me go home?
  • I always glide through security with the self-assured air of someone who knows the system very well. Maybe too well.
  • And clearly, I just look like a terrorist.

Is it sad that when the security guard feels me up, that’s the most action I get all week?


  1. LOL Happy monday

  2. Ha. Maybe you shouldn’t wear your “Down With Osama” t-shirt before you board.

  3. You also fit the classic “drug mule” profile — young woman traveling alone. I used to get pulled over all the time and finally asked a security person why. That’s what I was told. Now that I’m (cough cough) of a certain age, it doesn’t happen as often, unless the security person has bad eyesight.

  4. That’s just their way of hitting on you. Take it as a compliment. Ha!

  5. You crack me up… Yeah, agree with Bev – I think it’s just an excuse.

  6. Funny! I’m headed out of town this weekend. I hope I get felt up too. jk! :)

  7. That’s funny… when we were living in Japan and I traveled for work, two of my travelmates were Asian. Blue-eyed, blond me was *always* the one the Asian airports pulled aside on the security checks. Drove me nuts! ;)

    And I signed up for the full… do you want to be in?! ;)

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