Convincing myself to love the treadmill

Tonight I am going to run 5 miles on the treadmill. I will I will I will. I swear it. I have only run one mile this month (last night) and it was pathetic. My goal is 90 miles this month, and last month I didn’t make my goal, and this month I won’t either unless I can do this. It will be fun and it will be awesome and I need to just do it. Go go go go go!

Okay, sorry for subjecting you to my mental psych-up. If you actually want to read something good on the topic, check out Razz’s 5 Stages of Treadmill Running. I usually only make it to the bargaining stage, and then I bargain my way off the darn thing. We’ll see how I do tonight…

Did I mention that I’m going out drinking before I get back to the hotel to run? Yeah. This will be interesting.


  1. Not to be a negative influence on you or anything, but… DON’T DO IT!!!!!

    I hate treadmilling.

  2. Just think tonight you will have the biggest loser to keep you going…though I have to say i’ve really never tried drinking then running… pretty sure it would end poorly for me.

  3. Unfortunately, I have a team dinner till 9, so no Biggest Loser for me. I’ll watch the taped version another day.

  4. cracks me up that you’re worried about one mile – the month is barely 4 days old! You’ll make your goal this month. I feel it.

  5. You’re dedicated. You’ll get your mileage in. I’m the same way with the treadmill, so wish I had some positive remarks to help ANY….

    Sorry… How about, you’ll be glad you did it when your all done. :-)

  6. I meant to say, that if you do decide to do the Cooper River bridge, let me know. We can meet up if you’d like! I’m really excited about doing it. I lived there for 2 yrs and for the last 6 years I’ve lived 3 hrs from there, and have never ran it.

  7. Just make sure you wear the safety clip if you treadmill after going out drinking! (Sorry, my mommy instincts took over for a moment there.)

    Have fun and good luck. I think each mile on the treadmill is like 2 miles outside — or at least it feels that way.

  8. Don’t listen to Vanilla. Don’t listen to Vanilla. Don’t listen to Vanilla. Remember, he runs in pumps and tries on running skirts. So what does hen know? Five miles is nothing. Just think if you do even a 10 min mile pace, that’s less time than you probably even get for lunch break. And think of how fast lunch breaks go.

  9. yeah. It’s pretty much gonna suck. Maybe the drinking before will help. Lemme know how that goes.

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