How to win your age group: pick a race that no one else does

Lately I’ve been hearing about all kinds of exotic locations in NYC for races (exotic meaning not Central Park, where 99.9% of NYRR-sponsored events are held). First it was the Lincoln Tunnel Challenge, and now it’s the JFK Runway Run. I was half-heartedly considering both (remember, I never more than half-heartedly consider a race until the deadline is actually that day, due to my commitophobia), until I saw something interesting:

If the field for the JFK Runway Run is similar to last year’s field, and if I get the same time I got in the Ras na hEireann, I will win my age group! I’ve never done that before, or even placed. Now, I know both of those are big ifs, but runways are flat, right? And this is the same day as the NYRR Race as One, so hopefully all the good runners will be sprinting around Central Park while I huff and puff and breathe in jet fuel.

It is SO on.

PS. If you are reading this, and you are a female aged 20-24, and you are faster than me, please don’t sign up.


  1. That is how I have placed in my age group several times and in two glorious instances even WON my age group: tiny, tiny races. If I put all my plaques and medals and stuff up on the wall I could surely fool some people into thinking I am way faster than I actually am.

  2. OMG the title was enough to make me crack up…I actually may try to take this advice!!

  3. I definitely need to try this tactic. I keep hoping that I’ll age into being able to do this more easily. I’m certainly not going to win my age group by being, you know, fast.

  4. That’s what happened to me, too! I got second place in a recent 5K. Out of… ummm… maybe 12?

  5. You certainly don’t have to worry about me! Actually, I’d be in the 25-and-up age group, but still way slower than you :) This is such an interesting race; I’d consider it if I wasn’t going to be out of town for the weekend.

    I saw your post about drinking all day before the Brooklyn half — i have to say, I’m in awe! I’ll watch for the half-drunken runner swerving all over the course :)

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