Sitting makes you fat

I don’t think I can get away with propping my computer up to stand (and I definitely can’t install a standing desk, because I’m at a different desk every day), but at least now I know why I’ve been struggling to lose weight since starting my job. I sit and work for about 12 hours/day!

Tonight I’m staying in Boston instead of flying back to NYC, while the rest of my team will be leaving around 4 PM to catch their flights to various places. That means I can leave at 4 also and actually run outside! In the daylight! On a weekday! I know, pretty amazing – I’m psyched. I haven’t run outside since my St. Patrick’s race triumph, so we’ll see how it goes.

I played a bit of text-message-tag with Bill after my last weeknight run in Boston, but that never really panned out, so here’s hoping I’ll meet another (cuter) Bill tonight. Otherwise, I have a tentative “date” (not really) with my friend Adam to watch March Madness and hope my bracket doesn’t get any more destroyed than it already is. Damn you, Xavier…


  1. what about the TSA guy you were flirting with trying to catch your flight the other week? Did he never return your calls? heeheehee :)

  2. WOOT! Daytime trot!

    It’s supposedly going to snow tonight so I hope we don’t send you this crap for tomorrow!

    Good luck on your date :-)!

  3. my friends and i call it “corporate butt”… sitting all day = no fun.

  4. Running outside is so much fun. It’s a little windy and drizzly outside here in NYC today so I hope you get to run in better weather.

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