Amazing discovery

Oh. My. God.

I just found healthy food.


I’m in complete shock.

I’ll try to put it aside long enough to provide details: Cibo Express, one of those little kiosks that’s near the gates (not in the food court). I’ve never heard of it before, but they sell two packs of hard boiled eggs (I ate just the whites), and bowls of sliced apples with caramel sauce (guess what part I skipped). Hard boiled eggs and sliced apples! That’s like… there’s no way they can add fat or calories or crappy chemicals to that, right?

Who am I kidding, they probably injected the eggs with fat and soaked the apples in corn syrup to make them taste sweeter. And then added fake apple seasoning because people today can’t just eat an apple because it doesn’t taste like Apple Jacks.


  1. Not that your becoming cynical or anything! LOL but you’re probably right!

  2. HA HA – I think they are probably okay. Maybe something to keep the apples from getting brown, though.

    I’ve been craving hardboiled eggs. I’d love to find them in an airport. I’m flying again on Monday, will have to check it out.

  3. wow you really do fly A LOT huh?? i havent flown in years… but will be in just over a week! good to know there is SOMETHING healthy i can hopefully find to eat.

  4. Are you sure those were real eggs? They may have been processed and formed to look like real eggs. Or they may have been genetically altered and grown in a petri dish. You never know these days.

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