Early morning sprint

Just did a single quick mile on the treadmill. But when I say quick, I do mean quick. I started at an 8:00 pace, which actually felt really easy, so I kept kicking it up. 7:30 and 7:03 also felt pretty relaxing, and it wasn’t until I dropped to 6:40 that I felt like I was going fast. I ended up finishing the whole thing in 7:08. I know it was only one mile, but WOW! Maybe with some hard work I can become a speed demon. However, since my races of choice tend to be 10 milers and half-marathons, I should probably stop being lazy and get out there to do some long runs instead of these one-off quick sprints.


  1. If you’ve not doing them already, it’s time to expore the world of tempo runs. Run a reasonable length run (7-10 miles) and throw in a few miles at a very quick pace once you’ve warmed up. Doing one of those a few times a month (alternating with some faster intervals on the track) should have you approaching speed demon status in short order.

  2. Holy crap, Laura. That’s fast.

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