Marathon Monday!

I have a long post from yesterday that I’m halfway done with, so I’ll post that later. But for now, just wanted to say how excited I am… the front runners in the marathon are only about 10 miles away! Time for me to head out because they’ll be here before I know it. Exciting to hear that they’re on track to set a course record, too. My plan is to walk down to mile 24 (it’s a block from my friend Adam’s apartment where I stayed last night), watch the leaders, then make a quick alcohol run and also posterboard and markers.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY RUNNING BLOGGING FRIENDS WHO ARE RUNNING! I’ll be around Mile 24 with a big sign to cheer you all on. Not that you’re reading this now, but I’ll post a picture so you can see it later and go “oh, that was Laura!” :)


  1. that is SO fun you are there!!!! how exciting!

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