Run and sun and fun

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I went for a run. I like running in new places, and who am I to let a little 80 degree sun and 84% humidity get in my way? Well, at least until the second mile of my run, when I wussed out and turned back, completing a paltry 3.2 miles. In my defense, I had been planning a 10 mile loop but got lost after the first mile, so I took a different route and had no idea where I was. I clearly only turned back because I was scared – Marco Island is such a big place (11 whole square miles!) and it’s not like the people here are super friendly or anything.

After I got back, my mom and I went to the beach for just an hour, but right at noon, so the sun was at its strongest and we could minimize the amount of time we spent lying out but maximize our tans. It worked out quite well. I wore a strapless top, which helped me at least start to eliminate the deep tan lines from the halter-style suit I wore in South Carolina. I need a few more vacations in order to really get rid of the lines though.

Today, we went out on our friends’ boat and went all around Marco (there are a ton of cool canals that basically go through all the streets), and then out to the Gulf. While heading out to the Gulf, we saw a whole pod of dolphins at play. I tried to get some good pictures, but it was tough because I didn’t know when they were going to surface. I finally took a quick video, which I’ll share with you:


  1. A load of my friends moved down to Marco Island last year and love/loathe it… you’re right people really don’t sound all that friendly and it’s not just a tourist/visitor thing either. Good to see you smilin’! SPF 200 this time ;-).

  2. Ahhhhh to lay back in some sun! Totally jealous! ;-)

    To answer your question, yes I’m really going to do the FR :-) I committed to it last week and signed up my 4 y.o for the kids run as well. Soooo, even if I have some weird freak accident I’ll still be there because the tot is running LOL Def drop me a line via e-mail, we should meet up at the start/finish or something. That would be awesome ;D

  3. Haha Chia I was being totally sarcastic about the friendly thing… people seem nice enough here :)

  4. Good to see you’re having a chilled time in the sun, but don’t forget that lotion!

    Hobies; I am going to say they’re your glasses, right!

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    No worries on the 3.2 v. 10 – I call that “knowing when to fold ’em” and leave it at that. :-)

  6. So jealous you got sun. Today was kind of dreary in the city. Enjoy it for the rest of us.

  7. looks like fun! the video was a cool idea… too bad the run didn’t work out, but at least you got out for a bit. always fun to run in new places!

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