Some new possibilities

Travel plans for the weekend of May 3 and 4 just changed, so now I have alt-travel dollars to spend. Would it be a completely dumb idea to do another race the day after the Brooklyn Half Marathon? I mean, even if I did a half-marathon… that’s just like running one marathon spread over two days. Right?

Broad Street Run (10 miles, in Philadelphia)
Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon
Lincoln Half Marathon
Providence Half Marathon

The final option (as discussed with a coworker):
XX, Laura (US – New York) [11:45 AM]: I just hate to waste a weekend and not alt-travel
XX, Laura (US – New York) [11:46 AM]: it’s too bad there isn’t a race on like… Sunday evening
XX, Nicholas (US – New York) [11:46 AM]: maybe you should make one
XX, Nicholas (US – New York) [11:46 AM]: the consultant marathon
XX, Nicholas (US – New York) [11:46 AM]: hold it at various airport hubs across the country

Anyone in for that? Or have other advice to give? Come on, it’s a free-for-all… share your thoughts in the comments section please :)


  1. well, of course you’re always welcome in Lincoln. I’ll be hobbling my way towards greatness!

  2. Oy honey. Go get a massage. Go do a weekend yoga retreat. Your running body will love you for either.

  3. What a coinky-dink, that’s the weekend of the Minnie Marathon! :)

    BTW – here’s my
    race report
    from the 2008 WDW Marathon.

  4. run one, not two. i’m thinking of doing Brooklyn as i hear it’s prospect TO coney island this year. fun!

  5. I’d say go for it! I think you can do it, but most people would say to take it easy on the first one so you’re legs aren’t toast the next day.

  6. Just saw your comment!

    Sounds good to me!

  7. As someone who’s done the Goofy Challenge (half one day, full the next) and who’s signed up for it again, I say go for it!

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