Sun poisoning can be fatal

I found and called a dermatologist in Boston to schedule an appointment. They took all my info to sign me up as a new patient, and then told me I could come in next Friday. I asked if they had anything sooner, and they asked what my symptoms were. When I told them, their response was:

“You need to go to the emergency room. NOW.”

It turns out sun poisoning can be fatal, and that my symptoms are indicative of some bad sun poisoning. So I chose a hospital on some semi-random recommendations. Fortunately, it happened to be less than a mile from my office, and at 5:30 I got the nerve up to ask my manager if I could leave and then finish my work remotely. Hooray for my aircard that lets me get online on my laptop from the waiting room.

And yes, I know it’s pathetic that I feel really guilty for leaving early in order to go to the emergency room. And probably also pathetic that I’m doing work while waiting in triage. I guess I really am a workaholic.


  1. Omigosh, Laura. Are you okay? All those are pretty scary symptoms. You must have developed some severe allergy to the sun. Hope all is well. Let us know.

  2. Oh my goodness, I hope you’re feeling better. I got sun poisoning several years ago — sat out watching a beach volleyball game in S. Calif. wearing NO sunscreen. Can you say “stupid?” I now slather the stuff on.

  3. OH NO!!!!!!! Feel better soon! Did you get the red bumps everywhere?
    Oh…and were totally doin the Disney marathon together! I just signed up tonight as well…YES!! CANT WAIT!

  4. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

  5. A workaholic or, more correctly, a consultant who bills by the hour. Get better!

  6. Oh no! I hope you’re alright and feeling better soon. I had a bad case of sun poisoning when I was a kid and still remember how much I hated it. As to being a workaholic it’s better than sitting there with nothing to do. You shouldn’t be feeling guilty or pathetic at all.

  7. Take care of yourself, Laura. I had sun poisoning about 20 years ago, with symptoms similar to your, and actually passed out. I have an interesting scar on my chin to remind me to always use sunscreen on high UV days.

  8. Damn, get better. Doing work in the emergency room just makes you look tougher.

  9. Hope everything is okay! Sun poisoning is no joke! And I would so not feel guilty about leaving work early when I had a potentially fatal condition…

    Feel better!

  10. hope you are feeling better! what did the hospital say?

  11. WOW get well soon, fingers crossed all is ok for you.

  12. Oh my gosh you poor thing that is awful and no way to come out of a vacation at all. I had something similar after going to jamaica and ended up on steriods…don’t worry you only grow some hair in weird places, totally kidding. Hope you are back in the saddle today.

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