Very brief update

I’m not dead and I’m finally out of the hospital. I have a ton of work to catch up on, but will try to post a real update tonight. For now, thanks everyone for the well wishes!

P.S. Thanks to Kansas’ win (which I got them to wheel my bed over to the nurses’ station to watch), I finished 7th in my pool of 18. No more last place! Excellent.


  1. I’m glad you survived your bout with the sun. I sun-poisoned myself on my last day of vacation in Hawaii in 2006. Even though I was nicely tanned I was still no match for that tropical sun. Luckily my brother, who is a paramedic, saw the signs of sun poisoning and knew what to do for me. The long plane ride back to Detroit the next day was excruciating, however. I’ve never been more uncomfortable in my entire life. Get better- and get back to running- soon!

  2. **Sending happy healing thoughts now**

  3. Wow! So glad to hear you are better from the sun poisoning. Heal up soon. Thinking of ya!

  4. Yikes/Yuck. Hope you’re better soon. I’m glad us Kansans could bring you a little luck. Woo Hoo! Jayhawks rule!

  5. Oh my goodness – sounds like it was pretty bad! Good thing you checked yourself in. Hope you recover quickly!

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  7. That’s good news, rest easy.

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