What type of runner are you?

(From Active.com)

I’d like to say I’m a High Five Twister, because part of the description is “cute and young female runner.” I do want to high five every runner that passes me, and sometimes I do just that. I also often run with a huge dopey looking grin on my face and some tears in my eyes because my runner’s high from my music has made me so happy to be out there. However, I don’t think I twist around, which is most of the point of this description.

I wear my iPod (shades of the Human Cybertron), I once cut short a long run to immediately throw on black tie attire for a last-minute invite to a Bar Mitzvah at the Plaza (shades of the Desalination Machine), and yes, sometimes I even have been known to break some wind on the run (shades of the Stink Bomber). However, I honestly think I’m just a plain old runner.

What about you?


  1. Well I’d like to be Doctor 90210 but the entire lack of anything in my chest area would make that impossible sans well the doctor.

    I don’t think I’m really any of those…or at least I’d like to think I’m not, maybe I’ll ask at the next race.

  2. I guess I’m a #5. not portyl, but a huge sweating machine. I should run with an IV I think.

  3. hey i saw your comment on christine’s page – are you coming all the way out to CA for the bay to breakers?!?! i am SO bummed, my whole running team is doing it but i will be on vaca :( i am VERY excited for vacation but wish i could do the run also (haha so sad when you are bummed about missing a race for vacation)… you will have SO much fun, i hear its a blast! next year will be doing it for sure!

  4. Aron, not 100% positive yet… it depends whether my current project keeps going through May (because that would make it easy to travel). I’ll know next week, and will book my flight as soon as I know if I’m staying :)

  5. Yeah my next half is the Cleveland. Would you consider venturing over into the triathlon world….say the Iron Girl Atlanta???? haha

  6. What a funny article! I guess I would be the “The Human Cybertron” – I almost always run with my Nike+ and my Garmin. I love data! ;)

  7. I’m part Human Cybertron with a touch of the Salination Machine.

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