Diet advice needed

This is the menu for dinner tonight. There is nothing even remotely healthy on there. They say that you can substitute things, so I’m going to hope they really mean that. Their full menu is here, which is where I’m looking for substitutions for the four courses.

My current thoughts:

1st course: salad with dressing on the side

2nd course: oysters, scallops, or cassoulet. I think those are in approximate order of healthiest to least healthy, but they’re also in approximate order of how much I’d enjoy them. The question is – how much healthier are the oysters than the scallops than the cassoulet?

3rd course: stay with the sea bass on the original menu

4th course: chicken and don’t touch the creamed spinach and pastrami; or, pork because I’m a sucker for bread pudding and it would be worth it. Or maybe the beef with no creme fraiche? Not sure if I’m brave enough to order that though… it’s kind of picky.

Can anyone help? Comments would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Alright, Fancypants. You take your Foie Gras… we are having turkey burgers on the grill tonight. HAH. The beauty of classier dining is the portions will be smaller. And, I generally eat less at corporate functions than say… if I were at a family cookout… where I tend to pig out. Ya know? So – my advice, and I am no nutrionist, would be to pick what appeals to you and just control your portions (easier said than done, I know).

  2. Believe me, as nice as it sounds, it SUCKS when this is what you’re eating for every meal four or five days/week. I would kill for a nice grilled turkey burger. I’m very tempted to start packing my George Foreman every week and cooking in my hotel room. Most nights we go to places with a regular menu rather than this fixed thing, so I’m able to at least have a choice (though there are rarely healthy choices). I really hate fixed dinners.

  3. Well, then substitute a grilled burger. What, they can make this fancy stuff but not a burger?

  4. I can’t even read that thing. Kidding, but seriously…I would probaby just drink your water and say that as a runner you simply can’t over induldge like that and just make them all feel awful, then order 2 desserts. :)

  5. Damn how do you eat all of that…and run? it’s amazing I find that you are able to do that and travel, work and eat…amazing!

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