Famous at last!

You know how everyone else with running blogs gets discovered by Clif Bars, or Mizumis, or other random running accessory places? My blog got discovered today by JetBlue. I am such a consultant.

Further details to come (including answers to yesterday’s post) but it’s SLOPE DAY EVE! You’d think I’d be resting, but actually I’m getting my liver warmed up for tomorrow.


  1. You’re too funny! Looking forward to hearing what Jet Blue did for ya. I’m gonna have to fly with them sometime, especially after reading about their marketing in my book. Sounds like a good company.

    Have fun at slope day and be careful… :-)

  2. In the form of free airline tickets??

  3. That settles it. I need to shamelessly promote stuff on my blog. Stay tuned for my post about Sam Adams, Nintendo Wii, and Apple.

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