Rain: constant, with a torrential downpour a few minutes before the start
Temperature: mid-40s (kind of chilly with the rain)
My feet: soaked just from standing at the start
Course: kind of hilly

But there was no walking. No dying. And I crossed the finish line at 2:02:40!!! (Not sure exactly when I started… maybe a minute or so back).

You can all just call me the 28 hour marathon girl :)

Full race report to come after I pack up and head to Boston (and eat some pizza and a donut because for once I can eat whatever I want!).


  1. Yay, you did it! That’s an impressive time for your second half-marathon within 28 hours.


  2. um you are pretty much AWESOME! i couldnt even do a 10k today after 14 miles yesterday. GREAT JOB!!! eat lots of donuts and pizza :) you deserve it!

  3. Nice job! Enjoy your favorite donut, and maybe the lazy Sunday can be next weekend?

  4. wow! way to go!

  5. OHHHH!! I wish we could’ve met up… the weather sucked and how bout the smell at about mile 1.5? HAH!! We actually would’ve been good to run together… I did 2:01:31… and that was with a full day’s rest yesterday! YOU ARE A TROOPER!!!! My report will be up tomorrow. Sleep tight!

  6. Go girl. Hope the donut was awesome! I haven’t had one for weeks. Sort of going through withdrawls. But I did get new shoes, so that sort of makes up for it. Congratulations on an awesome time!

  7. congrats on your weekend double! awesome!

    post-race donuts – sweet. gotta find a honey bee (their answer to dunkin donuts)!

  8. do you realize if u add the 2 halfs together, you get 3:59:55? pretty cool! congrats on the back to back halfs and living to tell the tale :)

  9. Congratulations! We’ll look forward to the details.

  10. Wow…that’s amazing!! Nice job!

  11. Amazing time there Laura. Wow.

  12. Congrats! Great job, and I’m glad that you got to use a hot and sweaty pick up line (from a couple of posts back) ;)

  13. Damn! I’m amazed…. You’re a true warrior! p.s. I’ll be in Boston on Wednesday right near the Boston finishing line. I plan to do what you did, run right over it! :)

  14. Awesome, you better enjoy that food – you deserve it!

  15. Hey Laura, I’m starting up Sunday Dusk runs from the NIKE Runners’ Station at 6PM. I’m not much of a morning person so I like the idea of meeting up with people to kind of close out the weekend. I figure I’ll be doing about 5 and right now the group has a few people with paces ranging from sub 7 to closer to 10. If you’re interested please come out and feel free to post about it on the blog Thanks.

  16. Damn girl – you are tough. 2 half’s right after lots of drinking. Loved the last report and you did great despite all the issues you had, and looking forward to your next one!!!

  17. Hardcore!

  18. Very impressive! In your second half marathon in 2 days, your time was faster than my previous (beaten at Brooklyn) half marathon PR!! Hope the pizza and doughnuts were delicious!

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