Not the usual Monday morning

As we were waiting in line for takeoff, a woman on my flight had a stroke. We headed back to the gate and emergency people came on board to take her away. So scary! I really hope she is okay…

The guy a few seats in front of me is bitching about being delayed, because our flight was supposed to land at 8:30 and is now not taking off until then or maybe later. What an asshole.


  1. He might have had a meeting to get to. (kidding)

    Geesh. Get a life, dude.

  2. I’m doing a Top 10 List for our blog of customer quotes and wanted to get your permission to use the following from your 1/9/08 blog:
    “Running, running, running home as fast as I could to savor the creamy deliciousness that I was carrying. All the while knowing I didn’t have to feel bad about treating myself…”
    I would include a link to the quote. Feel free to email me directly

    Once I get permission from all of the customers, you will be able to find our blog here:


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