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Working on finishing my full race report sometime tonight, but I was taking a break to catch up on some blog reading and found this awesome post by Perry. Now that my first marathon is done, it’s all about the crazy things, like the fifty state club and some of these. My favorite? The Five Borough Beer Marathon. I will find out next Friday if I got lotteried entry to the NYC Marathon, but if not, I may run it unofficially and drunkenly. I wonder what the training regimen is like for this one? Can I count my Friday and Saturday night activities as training?


  1. that midnight el scorcho run is going to be craaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyy! its a 25k.

  2. I know exactly what you’re talking about. My theme is going to be “The Pacific Rim Tour.” Complete a marathon is every state and country that touches the Pacific ocean. It could take me some time, but it could be fun!

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