Newsflash: No more running for ice cream

You know how so many of us run/exercise in order to be able to eat tons of junk food that would otherwise make us fat? Yeah. We shouldn’t do that anymore.

Tear :(


  1. BOOO!! I already got the “hey you’re almost 30 and your metabolism now sucks” newsflash earlier this year. So… this goes hand in hand, I suppose.

  2. oh nooooo! that is terrible news. I SO work out a lot so I can eat crap. argggg!


  3. aw, what do THEY know? I say donuts and ice cream if we want donuts and ice cream.

  4. What a horrible, horrible post. Why would you post something like that? What a buzz kill.


  5. What about drinking? Can I drink and run as much as I want. Hope so.

  6. Don’t tell me this – I love food!

    I am looking into the Chicago Distance Classic 1/2 marathon on Aug 10th! It will be hot but it starts super early so it won’t as bad as it could be.

  7. I’m not even going to read that link because it just sounds like blasphemy.. i mean this is my reason for cream, please don’t take it away.

  8. I didn’t read it that way… I read it as “just replace all your other meals with ice cream and you’ll live forever.”

  9. Okay, I’m going to have to pull rank on this one, since insulin is my area of expertise…but making the jump from eating less -> lower insulin -> living longer is so WRONG on some many levels. I’m not going to have space or time to post an explanation here, but I’ll definite post an in depth article about it in the coming weeks…

    It’s almost like saying people who have lower BMIs live longer than those with higher BMIs…

    Urrgghhh…crazy articles like this drive me up the wall!

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m just trying to stop the misinformation.

  10. Lam, not sure I follow you completely. I know that you don’t want your insulin levels to be off-the-charts low, but with the example you gave, it just makes me think of extremes. That is, if your BMI is 23 you will live longer than someone whose BMI is 45… but if your BMI is 13 you will not live longer than someone who’s BMI is 23. Is a “normally low” (not extremely low) insulin level good? Or is there no credence to this study at all?

  11. omg, this is incredibly depressing news :( the only reason i run so much is to eat all the extra junk food :D this means i need to cut back on salads…

  12. Hey Laura! I ran the Vermont City Marathon too! It was awesome and my first time out to that part of the country. I’m an Oregonian and a bunch of my hs girlfriends met up to run/watch. One of our friends is living in Portland, ME so it was a good excuse to visit and force ourselves to run the marathon.

  13. I run to eat, so this article is devasting news…. :)

  14. I didn’t even read it, even though I know I should check it out.

    Laura, great job on both of those races. Wow, 2 5K’s in one day. Very cool!

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