Runners are violent people

I saw this article about Training to Ruin a Marathon the other day, and I thought it was a hilarious joke. Seriously – read it. Though maybe not at work, because even though I’ve read it three times, I still involuntarily laugh out loud. I actually had to send it to my coworkers so they’d know I wasn’t crazy for laughing.

But in light of this new study, is it really a joke? :)


  1. Why does that article remind me of Nitmos for some reason . . .hmmmmmm ;-) LOL

  2. Interesting stuff…I guess I have the natural body type for a lifetime of crime…if eating too much chocolate and ice cream and losing too much weight is considered a crime…

  3. i think that just “ruined” my bad morning. seriously, that was hysterical. thanks.

  4. Wow! Truly breaking research!! This changes everything!
    :) Thanks for sharing (and for a good laugh)!

  5. I spit water everywhere, god I love the onion :-D

    Happy Monday Laura!!!

  6. I helped set up some Bloody Marys for runners the year before I ran the Akron Marathon. But we put up a warning sign. We had some takers though.

    It’s nice to know I have a life a crime to fall back on.

  7. OMG!

  8. Crazy stuff! My sisters and I WERE pretty darn violent with one another while growing up . . .

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