Warning: drinking will cause you to think that ice cream is good for your diet.

Me: “I’d like some vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries on top, please.”
Room service: “I’m sorry; we don’t have that on our menu.”
Me: “But you serve it in the bar downstairs!”
Room service: “Oh… okay, we’ll have it to you within the next thirty minutes!”

That’s a pretty amazing guarantee. Do you think it would work if I called and requested a whole oven-roasted turkey? Also, does it count as breaking my diet if I was on the treadmill while having this conversation?


  1. I just thought you should know that I was #1,600 to view your profile just now. Do I win something?

    Also, I think I should clarify that I was kidding when I said “Are you crazy? Seriously, are you?” in the comment I left on your previous post. I’d just never heard of anyone going to such lengths on a business trip. I do have to agree with RazZ…did you eat at 3am? I can only imagine how long that meal took to prepare. But props to you all the same.

    Yes, it is SO on, Michael.

    – Stanley

  2. Topher, you win a Dundie. Congrats!

  3. nope. doesn’t count. anything you eat or think about eating while on the treadmill does not count. at least that’s what I tell myself :) haha

    la petite belle

  4. yummm i love ice cream :) so fun to have it delivered also!

    i dont know about our nutritionist, i think she likes to see people in person. she is actually a “dr of natural medicine” but is volunteering her time for my training team (team to end stroke) and we get 2 free consults with her. i bet you could find someone that did consults over the phone/email, but then you wouldnt get your body composition taken, if thats something you are interested in. anyways sorry that wasnt that helpful!! it has been REALLY nice to talk to someone about nutrition though…i would definitely recommend it.

  5. 30 minutes for ice cream? Was this made to order ice cream? Holy moly. But, yes, I agree that it totally cancels out the negative blip on the diet if you were running whilst ordering.

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    Groet Rinus.

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