Why I can’t bring healthy stuff to work

This week my hotel is next to a Trader Joe’s, so on Monday night, I went there and stocked up on healthy foods. Bran muffins, cereal, almond milk, some apples and oranges, etc. It was all in a grocery bag, and the only thing I ate was one muffin – everything else was brand new, unopened. And the muffin container was closed securely, and at the bottom of the bag, so it wouldn’t even be clear that it wasn’t new.

We’re in a different team room this week, and there is barely desk space enough for our computers, let alone extra stuff, so I put the bag on the floor in a corner of a room where we also keep our office supplies. I left the office early around 5 PM yesterday to go to another office to work late.

Today, the bag is gone. Not somewhere else in the room – gone completely.

All I can think is that the cleaning people must have thrown it away. Never mind that it was nowhere near the actual garbage, never mind that it was full of clearly brand new unopened stuff… they apparently thought it was trash and took it. And there’s not really anything I can do b/c normally I don’t stay near Trader Joe’s and don’t have a car, and tonight I’ll be working till after they close and tomorrow I’ll be working before they open.



  1. BOOOOOOOO that really sucks!!! no one will give you a break lately!

  2. Super annoying!!

  3. Ooooohhh that sucks chica. Really sucks :-(

  4. I hate it when shit like that happens!! Sorry, dude.

  5. WTF??? That sucks.

  6. That’s why I perfected the art of living in my big purse :-). People have no common regard for other people’s belongings.

    Is it in the conference area of a hotel? Perhaps the concierge can help. Tell them you’re on a strict gluten-free diet and you’re trying to avoid an allergic reaction. It’s all about playing “dietary catch phrase of the week” – you’ll be suprised what you get out of people when they think you’ll lose your colon if you have the shitty food openly available at these things.

  7. What Chia said. Plus, I’d even add that you might even lose your colon right there at the front desk, if you are forced to stand too long. Imagine that. “Loose Colon in Hotel Lobby Strangles Duty Manager”. Now that’s a headline no one would care to partake in.

  8. It makes me wonder if it was taken not thrown away. Sure wouldn’t surprise me…

  9. ewww how annoying! that sucks – sorry! I’ve had that happen before and I was mad about it for a long time.

  10. We have “over enthusiastic” cleaners in my offices, if it ain’t nailed down or hidden; it’s gone!

  11. Don’t you hate it when you feel as if you’re the only one trying to do the right thing and yet the whole world is conspiring against you! Sorry, gal. Maybe next time you can put a sticky on it and explicit say “NOT GARBAGE!”

  12. I hate to be a pessimist – However, when people see a Trader Joes bag left unattended… They’re thinking “Snack Time for ME”…
    Next time… guard that baby with your life.

  13. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR…… I can’t believe the bag was gone! This is the very reason I never have my room cleaned when I’m in a hotel. So sorry!

  14. I’ve been a victim of the cleaning crew too!! I’ve definitely had things disappear from my desk overnight.

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