Are you KIDDING me???

From my race today: Chip Timing System Fails.

Race report will be up tomorrow now that I know I don’t have to wait for them to finally post the chip times because OH, there won’t be any.


  1. That totally sucks :-(

  2. Ouch! Heads are gonna roll…

  3. Wow, that’s a bummer mate. Can’t wait to hear about the experience though – I hope it was a good one regardless of their foul ups :-(

  4. I wonder if their ability to give refunds was also impacted?

  5. Solution: gasoline, match

  6. Damn! Sorry for you. And all the other runners. That just sucks the big one.

  7. Wow you are a race machine. Too bad about chip time, are they compensating you at all? Have fun at trail camp, that sounds awesome!

  8. WTF? Don’t they test the shit out of those to make sure they work?

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