Happy birthday to me :)

My project team pretended like they forgot all day, but someone on our client had a birthday today and there was a big cake sitting outside our room (left over). RIGHT when I was about to steal a piece of that cake, my team whips out… an ice cream cake!!! They know me too well :)

Also happy birthday to Quarter Life Girl, who is exactly one year older than me today!


  1. Happy birthday. I hope you Absolutly enjoy it! Cheers!

  2. *spankz* Happy b-day!

  3. Happy birthday, Laura! When do you get the Garmin? I suggest you name it Carvel, or maybe Ben-Jerry.

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a great day and have fun celebrating!

  5. Happy Birthday Laura!! I will just have to go and have a cocktail in your honor tonight!!

  6. Sweet Birthday surprise! Can you send some of that cake uptown?

    Many happy wishes.

  7. Happy birthday, youngin’! Here’s to another great year for you.

  8. Happy B-day!!!!

  9. Happy b-day!!
    To celebrate, are you gonna run a mile for every year? :-p

    (not kidding…i know a few who actually have done that!)

  10. Laura, i agree with nyflygirl… u should run a mile for every year youve been alive….

    r u still getting that garmin???

    happy day…..happy happy day!

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy birthday and congrats whitt the marathon!!!a good job…
    Groet rinus.

  13. Happy Birthday Laura. I just caught up with your blog and read your Calgary Race Report. You rock!! Congratulations!!! What an awesome feat. Well done.


  15. Quick somebody grab her and we’ll give her the bumps!

  16. Dang it! I was going to say “Happy Birthday” but 16 people beat me to it.

    So is tonight your first hot date with 405?

  17. Happy Bday!!

  18. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day :)

  19. Happy Birthday Laura! It is my sister’s birthday today too. Although she is a bit older than you! (It is hard for me to imagine anyone being 23… I have dresses that are almost that old! Actually one that is older, but it was intentionally purchased as “vintage.”) Have a good one! Enjoy the ice cream cake!


  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. Happy day, Laura! It’s so nice to have met you this year!

  23. Happy Birthday, Laura! Did you get your 405 yet? I hope you enjoyed your day and the ice cream cake.

  24. Happy Bday!

  25. Happy birthday!!

  26. happy birthday, laura!!

  27. Happy belated! YUM… ice cream cake. :)

  28. happy birthday girly!! p.s. we need to be facebook friends….look me up :)

  29. Woo! Come aboard the birthday train! Hope you have a great day, and hope you get that Garmin!

  30. Happy (Belated) Birthday! Sounds like it was a good one! : )

  31. Hope you had a terrific Birthday. Now now now now I need to know if you did get your Garmin ?

  32. More than a little belated, but Happy Birthday.

    Those dang sneaky coworkers!

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