I’m a corporate sell out!!!

Yes, that’s right… I am now a sponsored running blogger! I got home for the first time in a month or so to find a huge pile of mail awaiting me (yay). In that mail was a package… with two Tasti D-Lite t-shirts in it! What’s even better: they’re made of wicking material! And are super cute and will go with my new pink running skirt!!!

The question is, do I bust it out for Calgary this weekend? Or better to wear it in a shorter race first? I want to do my duty and wear it ASAP but a marathon is not really the best race to use as a testing ground for new apparel…


  1. So, how did you manage to hook up with this fabulous swag?

  2. Congrats! I say wear it… I know that is like totally against all rules but its your job now! HAH! Just kidding. If its comfortable – go for it. And hell, to you, these marathons must be getting pretty damn easy. JUST KIDDING!

  3. That’s it. I need to mention the iPhone more in my posts!

  4. Seriously folks, has anyone pimped a brand more than I have Dunkin’ Donuts? WHERE’S MY STUFF, DD?????

  5. I guess I need to start mentioning the Learjet a little more in my posts.

  6. Im jealous!

    impressive AND tasti :)


  7. Great t-shirt!!, what did you do to get sponsored?, just run??, did you got into a mailing list or something like that??

    I would say, go and run with the T-shirt if it’s confortable!!

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