I’m an official Marathon Maniac!

The marathon yesterday qualified me as a bronze member of the Marathon Maniacs, so I’ve signed up and paid my dues and am officially MM #1036!!! Hurray :) Now, if I can do one more marathon in a different state/province/country in the next three weeks, I can bump up to Gold membership under the 4 states/provinces/countries in 60 days rule.

On a somewhat related topic, a quote from tonight’s chapter of The Looniness of the Long Distance Runner, after he’s finished his first half-marathon:

Just two minutes, a couple of stretches and a cup of water later I am strolling round the finishing enclosure thinking, “That was all rather fun.” What is wrong with the human brain? Why is it seemingly incapable of retaining the experience of excruciating pain? I know that just five minutes previously I wanted to die and now I could cheerfully sign up to do the whole thing over again.

Hello, that is me!!!


  1. Totally, totally! Who among us cannot relate?

    So, you seriously thinking about Gold?

  2. CONGRATS chica! Yes, you are def a maniac! LOL

  3. LMAO!! Great quote, I gotta get that book!

  4. That means you’re going to come to Portland with me right :-)??

    Congrats, well earned!

  5. woo hoo!!

    welcome to the asylum, laura!!

    mm 439 :D

  6. Congrats! Can I ask what would put you in the silver category? I mean… since you’re planning on completely one-upping it to the next level and all. =)

  7. That is some crazy ass shiznit. I bow to your mania.

    And btw, Platinum level is just absurd.

  8. “You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can’t know what’s coming.”
    – Frank Shorter

    we maniacs have VERY short memories!!!

  9. HEY, U, MANIAC…


  10. Criteria can be found here. The reason I’m going for gold is because it only requires one more marathon, whereas to get silver I’d have to do three more just because of the time frame I did my first three in.

  11. Nice job, that’s an exclusive club you just joined

  12. Great job and welcome to the Marathon Maniacs! I did the S.F. Marathon this year for the very 1st time in my home state. Wasn’t it a blast to run across the Golden Gate Bridge?!!!!

    Best regards,

    T.O. MM#408

  13. Thanks for the welcome, T.O.! I loved the bridge – it was fantastic. Do you have a blog I can follow? Your blogger profile comes up blank.

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