Guess where I am?

Okay, maybe not where I am, but guess where I’m going. Hint: I’m connecting from Denver through this place to get to Newark. You might guess Philly or Chicago, but those were oversold. You might guess Dulles, but the DEN to IAD leg was delayed and I wouldn’t make the connection for the IAD to JFK leg. Give up yet? Come on, where is the natural connection between DEN and NYC?

The correct answer is: Los Angeles! Because clearly that makes sense.

The story is, the GA who originally promised me a hotel room for taking a flight tomorrow morning screwed up – there are literally no hotel rooms in Denver due to the Democratic National Convention. Therefore the only solution is to fly me to LAX where I can catch the redeye, sleep on the plane, and arrive at EWR early tomorrow morning. The best part? The leg from LAX to EWR is also oversold, so I can maybe VDB yet again. I’m already lining the marathons I want to do up in my mind…

I’m also starting to think I should just put United in my new “sponsors” section of the blog, where I thank all the wonderful companies who’ve offered me their products and services to help me run. (Look for a New Balance shoe review to come after I receive my free kicks).


  1. That’s out of control!!! I’d be crying right about now.

  2. Just catching up on your blog. I love reading about your excapades to all of these marathons. Congratulations on your latest, and take care of your knee!!

  3. did you check Two days ago there were a ton of rentals for the DNC…

  4. Ahhh, the joys of frequent travel. Like Roisin, I probably would have been pretty ticked off about the whole thing.

  5. um, yeah I would be hysterical – either crying or screaming. Sounds like you handled it much better!!
    PS I was on a United flight yesterday and a mystery liquid began dripping from the overhead compartment into the row in front of us. So gross (altho I think it was just from the cold outside air. But still. Why are there cracks in my plane???)

  6. I think you’d like the scones…but you’d have to cook them, so I’m not sure how that would play into your raw nutritional scheme. I did sample the dough/batter before I baked them and it was good…but I’ve been advised not to do that when eggs are involved ;)

  7. Stupid DNC is making my work week a living hell!

    Perhaps you can meet up with Viper before the race and buy him lots of drinks.

  8. That is true about Denver and the DNC! People are taking vacations this week and renting their homes out for huge amounts of money (Colorado Public Radio).

    Still and all, it sounds like you were given lemons and made lemonade.

    Always a good way to resolve a situation.

  9. This is crazy !!! You are jet setting across the country.

  10. Have frequent flyer card will travel!

  11. Gotta love those free legs for being oversold. I had one last year and just decided to book it for a Napa weekend. I was close to using it for a destination race but Napa won out. Good luck with the travels…

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