Moving in together / wishing I could run like a horse

All right, it’s done: I am officially moved out of my old apartment and moved in with the boy. It’s clearly a great idea to move in together before you even have “the talk” to define yourselves as being in a relationship. Don’t you hate “the talk”? I always feel like I’m a little kid in grade school passing a note that reads “will you be my boyfriend? Check yes or no” (note: I did not do that, but the only reason I didn’t was because I was way too dorky and I knew the answer would be no if I ever did). So anyway, I’m reluctant to refer to the boy as my boyfriend until I know it’s okay and not going to freak him out. But moving in together? Totally a great idea – I work fast!

Just kidding – the actual deal is I moved most of my stuff into storage, but took a few things to the boy’s place, and will be staying there Tuesday through Friday. Next weekend, I’ll go up to my mom’s house in Albany and stay there till Monday, when I’ll head up to Cornell to recruit for the career fair! Not sure from there if I’ll go back to New York or if I’ll go to Albany – it will depend on my work schedule and if I can work remotely or if I need to be in the city.

The reason for all these shenanigans? My current lease is up, but there weren’t any apartments in my building that fit our needs for September 1, so on Tuesday I’m signing a lease for September 15 (though hopefully a few days earlier, because I’d really like to move on the 12th if possible). The apartment is gorgeous – 19th floor, river views, a huge bedroom for me, and I get to live with one of my best friends! I can’t wait. And we’re signing a two year lease, so after I move all my stuff back (ugh), I won’t have to move for at least that long.

In knee news: I went to the doctor, who was very nice and seemed very good… but she couldn’t find anything wrong. She pointed out that I overpronate, which I knew, and that when I squat, my knees have a tendency to go in a little bit instead of staying straight. However, while those things might cause some knee problems, it doesn’t make sense for it to come on all of a sudden, and only in one knee. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the diet I’ve been eating lately – I certainly haven’t been 100% raw, but I’ve been eating a lot less meat than usual, and almost no dairy. So maybe it’s some kind of dietary deficiency? I’d like to visit a nutritionist to see if that would shed some light on anything. However, I also think it might be a good idea to get a second (doctor’s) opinion on my knee.

The big thing the doctor I saw pointed out is that I’ve been doing a lot of marathons, and that even elites only do two a year. She said that she would recommend cutting back to one every six weeks. And she’s right that I do a lot of marathons, but… I really don’t think that’s the reason for my injury. I don’t race them all; I just do them how I feel them. Plenty of Maniacs do even more marathons than I do and are fine. However, she pointed out that my running is kind of erratic – I do a few runs of 5-10 miles, and then every few weeks I do a marathon. I thought I was being good and resting, but maybe the problem isn’t too much mileage, but too little. Maybe I would do better if I upped my mileage in between the marathons? Like if I ran a marathon every weekend (not necessarily traveling to do a new race every weekend, but doing a 20+ mile run every weekend), maybe my body would be more used to it. I didn’t talk to her too much about this idea, though I broached the subject of running more in between the marathons. Something told me that she wouldn’t like the idea of running more marathons than I do already! I posted on the Maniacs bulletin board to see what other Maniacs’ doctor have said about their marathon schedules, so hopefully that will provide some insight.

Of course, right after the doctor’s visit, I was walking back from the ATM (sidewalk surface, completely flat, less than five blocks, and I was wearing sneakers), and the knee totally flared up – it was really, really painful, and I had to stop on the sidewalk and stand there crying to my mom on the phone that how was I going to move my stuff when I couldn’t even move myself back to the apartment to meet the hired movers. I just tried to walk it off, but it was super painful. It still felt like a cramp, and sure enough, three blocks later (three agonizing blocks that took me fifteen minutes instead of the normal three), it went away as if nothing had happened. No residual ache, nothing. Later that afternoon, it happened again while walking down the hallway, but went away in thirty seconds. What the heck is up with that??? There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I really think it might be something dietary. I ran out of my calcium supplements a few weeks ago – maybe that’s the problem? I picked some new ones up today (I’m a fan of the Viactiv caramel chews because they’re so delicious that I don’t forget to take them, and in fact, I usually can’t wait to take them), and I managed to find some all-natural organic ones that are still in the form of caramels. They’re not raw vegan or even that healthy (they have partially hydrogenated coconut oil – ew!), but I figure one little chew isn’t going to completely destroy my health and it’s worth the tradeoff to make sure I’m getting my calcium.

I want to get back to running so badly! Yesterday the song “No Reins” by Rascal Flatts came on, which is the song that I really associate with the Run With The Horses marathon (the lyrics go “like a painted wild mustang flying out across the open road”), and it made me almost cry. I spent a few hours on the train this morning picking out marathons to do, but I can’t plan on any of them until I figure out what the heck is up with my knee.

Now, off to the Saratoga track for my brothers’ 30th birthday bash! Watching the horses run is probably going to remind me again of Run With The Horses and how I can’t run, but hopefully it’ll be a fun afternoon/evening anyway…


  1. now you have me mullingpondering the something dietary…
    I love a challenge (unless it’s pushups)

  2. When I was really fretting about being vegan, I suffered a lot of aches and pains as well. When you eat a meat/dairy diet, you’re getting quite a bit of fat in comparison to a true vegan experience.

    Fall in love with healthy fats. Avocados, olive oil, flaxseed oil, even an evening primrose oil supplement… these things all helped my aches, pains, and ails quite a bit. Fats cushion your joints and if taken properly can actually help you lose weight.

    Get fresh pineapple and eat everything but the skin… including the core. The core is the richest source of a nutrient called bromelaine which is the world’s most natural anti-inflammatory.

    Don’t take NSAIDS. They burn out your liver, save your liver cells for the much deserved martinis ;-). There are so many foods that reap so much better anti-inflammatory benefits without taxing your digestive goodness.

    I take a glucosamine supplement nightly and a mineral based natural multi-vitamin. Believe me, if I slip from my regime my joints remind me. Usually in the form of patella pain.

    Good luck gorgeous.

  3. One thing I’d consider is your marathon schedule. Elites do typically run only two marathons a year, and I think the rest of us mortals should only race a couple per year. My only real running injury came in a year I did two marathons and two 50ks. Everybody is different of course. I know you’re not racing all of them, but I’m convinced there is a big difference between a 20-mile run and a 26 miles. The body seems OK with going 20. Beyond that, you’re at risk for damaging yourself. Those extra miles cause a lot of micro-trauma that takes longer to heal than most of us probably realize. In my life, I’ve probably run 20 miles over 50 times but a marathon and beyond just 13.

    One other consideration is your running history. It’s hard to go into repetitive marathoning right after your first one. My guess is a lot of the Maniacs are older and have many thousands of miles on their legs. It takes the body some time to get used to the constant pounding needed for regular high mileage.

    Good luck figuring out the cause of the knee pain.

  4. Oh, no! I was hoping your young body would just shake the knee pain right off. I’m so sorry it’s getting worse.

    Good luck with it, and with the move!

    Hey, I want to ask you a favor…I didn’t realize you were a Cornell grad (or I forgot, more likely). My 16yo daughter is trying to decide whether to put Cornell on her list of schools we’ll visit this fall. Would you be willing to email or Facebook with her a little about it? We’d both be really grateful. If so, give me a shout on my blog and I’ll send you the info. If not, that’s perfectly OK!

  5. Hi i am sorry about your knee pain! That has to really suck!!

    Tomorrow is my last day of my 36 day running streak! I will do between 7-8 miles which will be my longest run to date!!!

    I am tired. I need 1 day off. Then i will do the virtual 1 miler!!!

    Hope your enjoying the party!!!


  6. The best remedy is probably rest and balanced diet. Hope your knee gets better soon. I love reading about your marathon escapades.

  7. Hey Laura,

    Sorry about all your aches and pains.

    My only advice (if you’re worried about your calcium level) is to have it checked out. Actually, contrary to popular belief, the problem with calcium deficiency is NOT lack of calcium intake…rather it is usually because of vitamin D deficiency which is needed to absorb the calcium. So even if you are deficient of calcium, taking calcium would do nothing for you…escept to make you pee it out and cause kidney stones if you don’t take enough Vitamin D along with it.

    Still, I’d go and have both your calcium level and your vitamin D level checked out by a doctor before randomly treating yourself. Too much calcium intake can cause kidney problems, so be careful.

    Hope you heal well!

  8. i agree with what brian said-there’s a reason why marathon training plans don’t have you run the entire distance in training-it’s tough on the body!!

    still, getting a 2nd opinion may ot be a bad idea…good luck!! (with the knee thing and the move too!)

  9. so glad the knee is nothing too serious… hopefully by adding some things to your diet you will be feeling back to normal soon!

  10. how long have you & the boy been together?

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