Akron Marathon!

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I found a $139 roundtrip flight that leaves New York on Friday morning (9/26), gets into Cleveland (only 51 miles from Akron) Friday early afternoon, and returns Saturday late afternoon (9/27). After a car rental and using a free hotel night, I’m still looking at less than $200 for the trip. The marathon is only $75, but you get a Brooks singlet and Brooks sneakers, so that’s actually saving me money. Now I just have to run the darn marathon…


  1. Wow, that is an awesome deal!! When is the race?

  2. Just updated the post… it’s next weekend, 9/27 :)

  3. Good luck! Make sure you walk around a lot after the marathon or that flight could be painful!

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  5. Good luck, Laura! I’ll be cheering you on from afar. :)

  6. Woohoo!!!!! Exciting stuff…

  7. You gotta find the elusive Viper and have a post-race beer with him!


  8. GOOD LUCK CHICA!! Go kick Viper’s butt ;-)

  9. Woohoo! You can almost wave to my alma mater from Akron!

  10. Wow, $75 and a pair of shoes?!? That’s a deal!

  11. Congrats on signing up! Aside from the free schwag, it’s a well-run race too.

  12. Good Luck! and have fun.

  13. What? You get shoes as one of the swags??? That is awesome for only $75!!! So the race is on a Friday??? Good luck!! I love last minute stuff like this. :-)

  14. yayyyy i have been waiting to see what you were doing next! sounds like it will be a great race and a great deal! good luck!

  15. I ran the Akron marathon last year, and it was one of my favorites. Not sure why ~ it was just a good experience. The day before, I did a little hiking in Cuyahoga National Park. I also had dinner with an internet acquaintance who was running the half. I never did follow up on the shoes, because you had to pick them up later in the afternoon at a store, and I had to hit the road immediately. There might have been a way to get them without picking them up in person, but I just didn’t bother with it. Brooks are good shoes ~ I have to have motion control, and I’m not sure these would’ve been what I needed, so I probably would’ve ended up giving them to someone else. Still, it’s a nifty prize.

  16. Is this sort of what the not feeling well was about… running a marathon sporadically while doing lower mileage the rest of the time?

    :) you can’t stop yourself

  17. I have a friend who ran this last year. She loved it, except for one hill toward the end. She said the free shoes were worth it, though!

  18. sweet deal. i am impressed at how many times i come to read your blog and see that you are running a new marathon!

  19. I’m so jealous, I really want to do Akron too! I probably could but that would mean 2 back to back marathons (Portland’s on 5Oct) but then I’d be a maniac too ;-). Ugh!

    Dude, you so have to meet Viper and drink that rebel under the table ;-)

  20. Laura I’ll be there cheering for you! You’ll need to let me know what you are wearing so I know it’s you. I’m not running because I like the mid length runs, but my brother is…

    I look forward to meeting you in person.

  21. Wow – looks like you will make a quick trip to a place that is known as a mistake by a lake (Cleveland). Good Luck and kick ass at the Akron Marathon. I will look forward to your post race report. Make sure you have post-race drinks with Viper.

  22. FREEE SHOES!? Sign me up!
    isn’t 9/27 in like…10 days? You’re bravvvveeee!

    That’s what I’ll do next time. I’ll train and then sign up a week before and then tell people then I won’t have ‘taper madnesss’

    Can’t wait to read the report!

  23. Now I just have to run the darn marathon…

    Ah yes the devil is in the details!

  24. Holy moly…free shoes and singlet. Um, they should advertise the hell outta that one.

  25. How fun! It’s a great deal!!! My sister actually lives in Akron and you’ll run right by her house :)

  26. say whaaa? Free sneakers? I think I found my Ohio race.

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