Healthy Meals: Post-Marathon Celebratory Recovery Smoothie

Boyfriend is already out and drunk. I am in a car on my way from the airport to home. He wants me to get to his party ASAP, but I still need to change + eat something healthy and protein-filled + booze up.

My solution? A smoothie: spinach, banana, peanut butter, protein powder, almond milk… and rum. Lots of rum.

See, Viper, I may have wasted my beer coupons but I’m still a running alcoholic!


  1. Enjoy!!! That sounds good :)

  2. Sounds like the best plan EVER. Cheers!!

  3. Now that’s a recovery smoothie! Enjoy. Great job on the marathon too1

  4. AWESOME JOB and how do I know that would happen up in herre.

    except BOYFRIEND would be replaced by HUSBAND.


  5. Haha, that smoothie recipe should be in the next raw food recipe book!!! Classic!


  6. That sounds good.
    I just read your last post. And you’re amazing. I just ran my first marathon today and that word is now banned from my house until I can walk straight again:)

  7. Rum in your “healthy” smoothy! Yum. Need to try that recipe soon. :-)

  8. I nominated you for the Brillante Weblog Award! I think your blog is great, and I wish I had the discepline you do with your running!! Keep up the good work :)

  9. Sounds like a good combo! And good job on the race!

  10. that sounds like the best smoothie ever. good job on the marathon (and hope playing catchup to the boyfriend didn’t catch up with you)!

  11. Yippppy!!!! You’re so crazy. We are staying at some little hotel called Jupiter. But only for Thur night. Then we are staying with friends. I am thinking of doing a meet up THur night for drinky poos so we have time to recover. Will you be in town yet?

  12. That is a recipe I am willing to try. Only vodka instead of rum.

    Good work with the race!!!!

  13. Great job! And I love that you are not afraid to combine nutrition and alcohol! I do the same thing..I’ll count a bloody mary with a lot of garnish as a serving of veggies…gotta get ’em in somewhere :)

  14. Hey if you’re headin’ west there’s a 50k trail run with you name on it in November!

  15. Random, not related to this post! BUT I am contemplating my marathon training schedule & looking with foreboding at a 20-22 mile run scheduled for Saturday 11/1. (Day before NYC, which all the friends I’m training with seem to be doing – I’m running in Philadelphia 3 weeks later.) I am strongly contemplating a dramatic run-round-as-much-of-the-greenway-as-can-be-run notion, so that there is no temptation to stop after a few ‘loops,’ and suddenly wondered whether you might have some slight urge to join! (My pace is a little slower than yours, but I am dedicated to getting in the whole distance and know it will be much easier and more fun if I can rope someone else in on it!) Anyway, drop me a line at jmd204 at columbia dot edu if you think you might be up for it…

  16. HA! I love it — rum is the secret ingredient to a recovery smoothie! :)

    Sounds like a good run and I’m glad the knee held out for most the race.

  17. Wait a second.. did the rum go IN the smoothie?! An all-in-one!!

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