I just "ran" a 2:00 half marathon on the elliptical

I don’t know about you, but when I go on the elliptical, I usually can’t go that fast, especially when I’m doing a hill workout or one of those with high resistance. I have to work hard to break 10:00 miles, even though 9:00 is my typical running pace. I’ve just accepted the fact that the elliptical is slower per mile than running, even if my heart rate is the same. But tonight I broke through that barrier.

Tonight’s long run was fueled by what else but a cookie binge. Well, to be fair, four (smallish) cookies and a cheesecake brownie. Hard to believe that just those could kill my calories for the day, but they did, so I decided I’d watch not just one but two shows live on TV, for a total of two hours on the elliptical. Survivor came on, and I headed down to get going – 6.18 miles in 60 minutes (9:42 pace), with me working up a good sweat.

Then in the spirit of marathoners and half-marathoners everywhere, I decided I couldn’t stop at an odd number like 12.36 miles… not when 13.1 was so close by. I decided in the second half of my gym time I was going to really push the pace. Inspired by how I was able to continue to push myself for all 4+ hours of the Niagara Falls Marathon, I went for it.

6.92 miles in 59:58, baby! That’s an 8:39 pace. For a full hour. On the elliptical!!!

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. –Lou Holt


  1. LOL! I love it! I can never get going on the elliptical. I am impressed!

  2. OMG! 2 hours on an elliptical? I can’t tolerate 30 minutes on one! I’m impressed too!

  3. Hi Laura. So after you asked me if I was a ” marathon maniac” I looked it up, joined, I am #1140 and bought a maniac running shirt.!!! it came in the mail this week and I am kind of excited. Now I find there are 182 people on there that have run more marathons than me. I have along way to go to catch some of those people. So, what is your maniac number so I can look you up on their web site ? I also need to blog more, i have been too addicted to Facebook that I am not on my blog. The kids are all in bed so I am finally on the computer for an hour. Looks like a great race at Niagara. it’s practically the other side of the world to me here in Utah. take care and keep running faster !!

  4. Great job on the elliptical! Helps to have a show or two to pass the time :)

  5. i am impressed!! i used to LOVE the elliptical but its been a while since i have been on it. 2 hours is a LONG time though!

  6. The idea of being that long on an elliptical makes want to sob. :)

    Good work on burning off those cookies!!!

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