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I told Jenn that I would take her 21 day habit challenge, and my chosen challenge is that I’m going to attempt to run every day for 21 days. Minimum length is 1 mile for it to count, so that means it’s less than 10 minutes a day (though of course I will hopefully do more). Treadmills will count, ellipticals won’t. These are my criteria. However, I’m taking today off. Monday is a much better day than Sunday to start a challenge like that, don’t you think? I’m in my running clothes but am lounging around and don’t feel like running. I think today I would wish I hadn’t run (okay, that’s a total lie, but it makes me feel better about myself).

To up the ante and make up for my blatant laziness and procrastination, I’m adding another challenge for the 21 days, this one for my diet. I’ll discuss this in more detail on Thursday as part of Take It And Run Thursday, but suffice to say I reached my goal weight (actually, a pound below!) and then ate a ton of crap and am right back where I started. My new 21 day diet habit is not to cut meat (though I probably won’t eat a ton of it, because I’ve started to really enjoy vegetarian dishes) but to cut what I’m going to call “processed carbs.” Anything that’s what I’m going to declare a “processed carb” is off-limits, except in the two days before a marathon. On those days I will allow myself one meal each day with those kinds of processed carbs. After a marathon, I will let myself have one treat (most likely a cookie or donut). Otherwise, flour products and the like are banned from my diet. To clarify, I’m using “processed carb” to mean oats/grains and anything made with flour (except when I use a bit of flour to thicken a sauce), so breads, pastas, cereals, etc. Potatos will be allowed throughout the challenge, but I doubt I’ll eat them that often.

All right, off to bake chocolate chip cookies today and start this nonsense tomorrow!


  1. I am not starting until tomorrow either. In fact I have made it a contest and a couple of people have even joined us in this. Good luck with the processed carbs. As for the running, I think you will do great on that one.

    Hope you enjoyed the cookies!


  2. I like this challenge! Neat. I read somewhere that it takes 3 weeks (or approx. 21 days) to form a habit. I would love to try to cut processed sugar from my diet. I love sweets so it would be hard!

  3. The 21 day challenge sounds awesome. Maybe I’ll participate, too? Can’t wait to read your TIART on Thursday!!

  4. Oh processed carbs, my weakness. Cookies, baked goods and more. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for posting the link to Jenn’s site…I need some inspiration/motivation too! My goal is 5 lbs in 21 days…Good luck with the baked goods…sweets are my MAJOR weakness!

  6. I so need to do this…the only problem: I baked the most delicious chocolate chip cookies last night, and there’s a whole plateful sitting at home, lol.

    I think I’m going to focus on cutting out refined carbs (pretty much anything white) and sugar (as in chocolate and cookies, etc.) As for the exercise, I’m going to try and get moving each day….”running” 3 times a week, and walking any day I’m not running.

    Good luck on your challenge!

  7. 21 Day Challenge sounds cool. Long enough so that it’s a Challenge but short enough so you’re not thinking “OK how many days do I have left?” LOL

  8. Hm. Maybe I should do a 21-day challenge too. Best of luck with yours!

  9. Good luck with that…

  10. 21 day = less than 1 month. which means it’s a totally doable challenge because the end is already so close! good luck!

  11. Good luck trying to “cut meat”. My wife has asked me to stop “cutting cheese” but I don’t think she means it in the same way you mean that thing about the meat. Report back on your nutrition success!

  12. gooood luck on the 21 days of running. hope the knee is feelin better!

    and as the ‘nutritionist’, I have to say….ruling out all breads and pastas + running so much might not mix. but hey, every one is different! interested to hear updates :)

  13. I’m going to do this challenge with you…over blogger! : ) I started today (I felt on the 21st day, I would have the most luck! : )

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