Kill me. Now.

The number one thing you don’t want to hear while being interviewed for a new project:
“How comfortable are you with working 80-90 hours/week for an extended period of time?”

Of course, I had to answer along the lines of, “oh, I am such a hard worker! I will do anything for the firm! Thank you for the opportunity to give my life away!”

I should have made up a disease that requires me to get 10 hours of sleep every night.


  1. Oh yeah.

    Because you know that if they offer that much info up front, it’s going to get worse than that.

  2. It’s official. You ARE superwoman!

  3. Is there that much hours in a week…

  4. My answer, in contrast, would be, “I don’t do that.”

  5. Oh my gawd chica!! That’s nuts!

  6. Oh no! I thought my occasional (lately frequent) 60 hour weeks were bad.

    My running has definitely suffered. Let me know how you cope with extra long hours.

  7. Does this mean no to Niagara? I hope not. Let me know if you are going to do it, and maybe we can meet up! P.S. Congrats on the half- you are a trooper!

  8. Laura crazy woman, get your rest!! I wanna eat and run with you someday!!! :O)

    Be well chica!!

  9. The correct response is: “That depends on how you feel about doubling my compensation. Because if you don’t and assign me to this project anyway, you’ve just cut it in half.”

    Suze Orman, freakish as she is, is right when she says, “Ladies, you are not on sale!”

  10. You should outsource yourself to some chump in India. Nothing better than being the middle man.

    Gots to love this economy :-(. Sorry sweetie!

  11. Unfortunately in this economy I would be saying bring it on simply because it’s a job.

    I just spent an hour reading your posts and am now caught up once again.

    I can’t believe you ran 40 miles in a weekend. I have not even been getting in my workouts lately due to working two jobs. You go girl!


  12. 70-80 hours a week -oh my -you are going have to find a few precious hours to run…then again, it’s good to have a job!!!
    BTW –I love Jodi Picoult, as a book club friend turned me onto her.
    Reading the new one now ‘Change of heart’. Don’t give up running and reading!!

  13. That is absolutely crazy!!! Why people think that it’s okay to expect that of employees…Good luck!

  14. Laura a.k.a. “Wonder Woman”: My response would have been “How comfortable are you finding someone else to do the job?!” Hey, at least you look damn good in the Hartford Marathon pictures!! :-)

  15. Yikes. I think I would have asked them to define ‘extended’! Good luck with that one…I myself have been pulling the 80 hour weeks for a while, but that’s at two different jobs! Ugh- I can’t imagine the monotony of that many hours at one…Have fun!

  16. I’ve tried that – and it does not work :)

  17. I won’t lie, I would have said it doesn’t really sound enjoyable and while I’m willing to do it once in awhile I think continually would burn me out…then agian i work for a company where I could just laugh and say no, I won’t be doing that.

  18. oh noooo, that sounds awful, I don’t know how you work this much and are such an accomplished athlete. I salute you, my friend.

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