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Finished doing interviews at Cornell today, and I’m really pleased with the offers we’re going to make. Tomorrow it’s back to NYC where I get to see Boyfriend (YAY!) and go back to my regular work (boo). Hopefully the plane ride will enable me to finish my Portland race report, which is halfway done.

However, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. You all knew I would be doing another marathon soon, and wanted to know when and where. The answer is… ING Hartford, this Saturday! On Sunday I have the Staten Island Half-Marathon so it’s going to be a 40 mile weekend for me… should be interesting and hopefully not (too) painful.

One thing about Hartford that cracks me up is their night-before-the-marathon event:
The Pasta Feast has been revamped for 2008. We are leaving the cooking to the experts.
Twenty of Hartford’s best restaurants open their kitchens early for runners and their families to enjoy delicious carbo-feasts. You choose the restaurant and the cuisine, and you make your own reservations.

So… I can call up any restaurant I want? And make a reservation? And pay the restaurant directly? Gee, thanks for going all-out for this pasta party! I’m especially surprised because after the race is supposed to be one of the best post-race food spreads in the country, so you would think they’d come up with something good before as well. Oh, well – still excited! My mom is coming that night for dinner and then to watch the next day, so it should be fun.


  1. No one will ever be able to confuse you with unmotivated :)

  2. Wow! Another so soon! You are a running machine! Best of luck this weekend. :-)

  3. Just reading about your race schedule makes my knees hurt. Worse than they already do.

    Go you!

  4. Hey – I’m so excited that you are coming to my home ground this weekend (after lurking at your blog for the last few months). I’m not doing the marathon though. Anyway, good luck and enjoy our lovely fall weather. :-)

  5. Here’s what I see in their letter next year: “We decided to leave the course design and management to the experts. So you can work with the police to close the roads, lay out your own cones and mats, find friends with stopwatches to man the mile markers (which you can provide), and set up your own fabulous post-race feast by shopping at our local merchants!”

    Now I’m glad I opted for Steamtown over Hartford this year.

  6. Good luck – and can you be a little more motivated?

  7. i would crumble if i ran as much as you! have fun!

  8. Wow that’s super soon! Good luck!

  9. You do not cease to amaze me with all of the marathons! Good luck and kick ass!

  10. WOOO 3 weekends in a row :) PLUS a half! cant wait to read all about it!

  11. Haha they’re outsourcing their carbo load dinner!

  12. Hi! Found you through Aron’s blog (runner’s rambles) and have loved reading so far. Gotta admit, I love me some martinis as well.

    Can’t wait to hear about Portland (I’m running it next year) so hurry up with that report! :)

  13. You are crazy girl! You need to slow down with the races so you have times for the reports..hahaha…I’m still waiting on the Queens half…and what ever happened with the personal trainer?

  14. How do you manage to race every weekend? Do you go all out every time?

    how fun to have your mom there! i love it when people cheer me on!

  15. 40 mile weekend? I could barely run after 26 this weekend? Are your knees made of jelly? They must be.

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