And you wonder why I’m gaining weight…

I went down to lunch intending to get a nice light salad, with a crunchy juicy Pink Lady apple as a treat. I did get the Pink Lady apple, but…

…the cafeteria was serving up Thanksgiving food!!! Turkey and polenta and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and stuffing and gravy. If you got nothing out of my last post, you should have gotten that Thanksgiving food is my downfall. If I had a choice between cake or Thanksgiving food, I’d pick Thanksgiving food. If I had a choice between cookies and Thanksgiving food, I’d pick Thanksgiving food. Pretty much the only thing that comes close is ice cream, and that’s a really tough call.

I got the grilled polenta with broccoli rabe instead of the turkey that was already swimming in gravy and topped with cheese (who the heck puts cheese on their Thanksgiving turkey?). I got steamed broccoli instead of oily green beans. I eschewed the mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes in favor of roasted parsnips… and then I saw sweet potato soup. Clearly I shouldn’t have mashed sweet potatoes because they’re full of butter and cream to make them smooth. Sweet potato soup? I’m sure it’s just thinned down with water. Right.

I guess I should just prepare to spend every week on the “gained” side of the swap meet challenge. Can I get a prize for that?


  1. Don’t sweat it. It will all balance in the end :) Enjoy it while you can. I love cranberry sauce. With tons of sugar and orange juice and spices. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

  2. Ah – thanks for the reminder! I love when my cafeteria serves up the Thanksgiving meal for lunch. I make sure to go every year (I don’t go to the cafeteria that often).

    Sorry for not being a good influence – I’m a fellow lover of Thanksgiving food!

  3. Even cafeteria Thanksgiving food is excellent. I don’t blame you one tiny bit.

  4. Thanksgiving food isn’t around all year. I’d say that all in all, you still made some good choices with the polenta! Go you!

    And that’s super weird about the cheese…

  5. Oh, that is just CRUEL!!! Sounds like you made decent choices… and now you’ve made me hungry!

    (Oh, and my hubby puts cheese on turkey dinners. All over the entire plate. Ewwww.)

  6. just a question: How many states have you run marathons in so far – I am losing count.

  7. mmmmmm… i can’t WAIT for thanksgiving food. good thing my company is too small for a cafeteria!

  8. first yum. second stay positive, one meal in which you actually made some pretty good choices isn’t going to be your downfall…i can tell you’ll be running like a madwoman again and watching the pounds fly off!

  9. I too love thanksgiving foods but i love anything with pumpkin…is that served in a thanksgiving dinner??

    Perhaps pumpkin cheesecake!!! Sorry, i just had to ask!!!

  10. My diet always goes downhill a little around Thanksgiving. Good luck this weekend. It looks like a fun marathon to run.

  11. mmmmmm pink lady apples are my fave.

    I think everyone goes a little haywire around the holidays. It’s hard not to. Just think about all the miles you’re running training for your next marathon…and the bikini you’ll be wearing in Hawaii.

  12. My hit count has gone mad! Thanks :-)

    This week you’ll go negative!

    Did you get your prizes OK I finally mailed them out a last week?

  13. Hit a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. One sponsored by “Tryptophan-Earn that nap” it will mitigate the gobble fest.

  14. Hey, if you’d had your Thanksgiving in October like we do in Canada, you’d have taken all that weight off by now. I’m just sayin’.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and ENJOY — you have truly earned it with all your hard work.

  15. If you had a choice between ice cream and Thanksgiving food, what would you choose?

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