How to lift weights in your hotel room when there are no weights (or water bottles) to be found

Somehow knowing I’ll have to McGyver a workout routine motivates me to actually do it. Please note that I’ve been home and around an actual gym and weights for at least two months, yet haven’t done any lifting until now. Thank goodness for hotel lamps and ottomans and coffee tables!


  1. Good luck girlie!!!

  2. Haha! Way to be creative!

  3. Hahahahaha!!

  4. I spent a whole summer removing furniture from hotel rooms and putting in the new furniture. Now that was a workout, with stairs -cause we couldn’t use the elevator.

    You’d be surprised how many playboys we found under the mattresses.

  5. To the previous comment, playboys, ewwww.
    Way to be creative. The only thing I would lift would be the remote!

  6. Dang, all the hotels where I stay have the lamps nailed down. Guess that kind of tells you the quality of my hotel rooms.

  7. That is a great picture – hilarious! way to be creative…

  8. OMG, you are hilarious!

  9. hahahaha now THAT is creativity!

  10. Wow. I hope Marriott never finds this picture.

  11. I love this! Way to be creative.

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