A time to be thankful for the little things

Shoutout to my amazing friend Becca, who just sent me the following adorable e-card from someecards.com:

Hurray for no heart attacks! With my luck with my health lately, that’s definitely an accomplishment – today’s malady is a sore throat that makes it really hard to swallow. But I get to go to the doctor in less than 48 hours!!!! Can’t wait.


  1. Yay, first! Nothing like long stretches of time not feeling great, huh? Glad your Thanksgiving went well, and great job in Atlanta! Meant to comment to you last week- how great was it that Amy got voted off Biggest Loser? Haha…I really liked her but was cursing her the week before for not getting rid of Vicky when she had the chance…stupid, stupid, stupid. Serves her right…though maybe she can do it at home? Who knows…

  2. Good luck at the doctor!

  3. ha, that’s a great card!!

  4. those cards are great. hope the doc has good news

  5. Ha. Those cards are funny. Excellent race report too. I was hoping it would go well for you. :o)

  6. Awesome card!!! Hopefully the Dr will get you taken care of quickly!! Have a great week!

  7. I had that same sore throat on Sat night and now its a full blown cold, so take it easy!!

  8. Good luck girlie.

    I love those cards. I saw one that said something about “congrats on running a marathon and not pooping your pants.”

  9. and what’s more??? You can get a lollipop from your doctor. Something to look forward to. I do hope you come out of the dr. with flying colors. It has been going around. Maybe he will give you a pink medication: amoxicillin.

  10. Good luck Laura!!

    Please let us know what you find out at the docs!!

    Take care of yourself!!!

  11. Take care of yourself Laura! Listen to the good doctor…but only if he gives good advice…LOL!

  12. Good luck at the docs! I hope he has some answers for you. It sucks to be sick for so long and not know why.


  13. Good luck with everything. I hope you feel better soon. Also belated congrats on the Atlanta marathon. Glad your cousin was there for you at the finish.

    P.S.–When I crossed the finish line on Sunday, I made sure to strike a happy, very Laura like pose. I’m sure it would’ve made you proud. ;)

  14. Congratulations on finishing Atlanta. You are remarkably consistent in your times! Groovy.

  15. I just read the list of things you cooked for Thanksgiving. And I suddenly feel super-lazy.

    Good luck at the doctor’s office! They gave me antibiotics last week and I am feeling so much better.

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