I’m famous!

Around mile 16 of the Hartford Marathon, I met and ran with an awesome guy named Rick. He had run in the Cox Providence Marathon in May, which I had done as a half. This was back when I thought I would never in a million years be able to do a full (a few weeks later, I ran my first marathon!).

Hmmm, I never did finish and post either of those race reports, did I…

Anyway, Rick e-mailed me yesterday with some exciting news: the Hartford Marathon has come out with their promo video for 2009… and guess who’s featured in it? Check out 1:08.

Question: why do we put our hands into the air at the end of a marathon? I guess V for victory and all that, but I happen to think I look pretty stupid with my arms in the half-hearted V I make when I’m too exhausted at the end of a race to do much more than stumble to the water station. And I’ve noticed that my best race pictures have been ones where I’ve just been running and ignoring the camera and not bothering to wave my arms around (actually, my best is often the Vanity Ignore).

Speaking of race pictures, I actually got what I think is my best race picture ever in Honolulu. I look normal, fast, and happy! Amazing, especially since it’s somewhere in the second half of the race.

However, I still haven’t written my Honolulu race report. Noticing a theme here?

I’m on it.


  1. You look fabulous – and I love your Hawaii pic!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. That’s a GREAT race pic! No wonder race people want to use you in their promotions. That’s what we all wish we looked like mid-marathon.

  3. Wow that is so cool you got into that video! You look good – but not sure why people put their hands up like that at the finish? Maybe Ill know if I ever run a marathon!! hehe

    The picture looks great too! Way to go! You should have it blown up and framed!

  4. great video of you, even if it was for just a sec.

    Have a wonderful holiday season.


  5. Nice to be called an “Awesome guy.” Thanks! I forgot to tell you that everyone who works at my school now knows who you are! I kept showing them the video and saying “I know her!” Congrats on being a “celebrity,” and your Hawaii pic looks “awesome!!” :-) Happy Holidays, everyone.

  6. It looks like you have the vanity ignore down – the photo’s perfect!

  7. That’s a super shot! It’s funny how it takes an insane amount of races to get one good shot ;-)

  8. You are right, that is a great pic! I am jealous! Mine usually look like I might fall over on the pavement if I took one more step or have some weird facial contortion.

  9. Cool! I ended up on the Disney World Marathon weekend DVD last year…isn’t that so fun!? Happy New Year, Laura. I look forward to reading about all your races in 09!

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