To elliptical or not to elliptical?

Ready for the list of maladies? Here it comes.

Sunday I started getting a sore throat, and then I didn’t get that much sleep Sunday night, so yesterday I woke up with it much worse. It hurt to swallow, and I just felt achy and tired.

I did some pretty intense weight lifting on Saturday while I was waiting on things in the oven. I didn’t stretch properly, and it was also the first time I had really done weights in a while, but on Sunday my arms were sore, and by Monday, I couldn’t straighten them! They’re easing up now, though it’s still hard to let my arms hang at my side. Note to self: stretch after lifting in the future!

Last night I was an absolute mess. Boyfriend and I wanted to get together both Monday and Tuesday nights, since I have a business trip planned for Wednesday through Friday and then a friend coming to stay till Sunday. However, last night he didn’t get out of work until 2:30! I had gone to bed around 10, leaving my phone on so he could wake me up with a call when he finished, but when he called…oy. My head was throbbing, my throat was burning, and my nose was stuffy. A good night’s sleep helped resolve the headache and the throat, but I’ve spent the day in bed (ah, the joys of working from home) building a mountain of tissues on the floor. I really should get up and move the garbage can over here…

Anyway, tonight is the Biggest Loser on TV, and I’m dying to go watch. But going to watch means going to the gym, and two hours on the elliptical? I don’t know. They say that as long as your symptoms are above the neck (which they are right now, minus the sore biceps) you’re fine to work out. Still, something (read: all your comments for the last few weeks) tells me that a little R&R might be necessary.

I originally thought my plan not to sign up for cable in my apartment was great. I can watch shows on the network websites using my computer and my S-Video cable if I really want to, but in order to watch things live, I’m forced to go work out. Good motivation, I thought. Now I’m sorely (pun intended) disappointed. Silly sickness.


  1. I say wrap yourself in a giant bubble covered in Lysol, crash a friend’s house with cable and veg while you watch. You’ll be back on the elliptical in no time. :)

  2. I like Jenn’s comment! I’d let you crash on my couch but it’s a bit of trek to get here.

    I’d had mixed results working out while sick. Sometimes it makes me feel better to sweat it out a little (I’ve never pushed it for 2 hours on the elliptical but I’ve done a good 30 minutes or so). Other times I got about 10 minutes into a workout and had to stop.

    My advice is get dressed head to the gym and if you feel really crappy leave. I would also suggest only aiming to do 20-40 minutes on the ellipitical. However, I’m not a Doctor!

  3. YUCK that doesn’t sound fun… i would definitely be resting up, you do have a vacation coming up soon!!! take it easy girlie :)

  4. I went to the gym last week to watch the BL. Only to find, they don’t have the local channels. I ended up watching a rerun of House. Which was pretty good. Luckily, I dvr’d BL at home. I’d rest if I were you and find a friend with cable.

  5. good golly you need some serious stress relief I think!! Now beyond that… I say you have to watch BL so we can cheer when vicky final kicks the bucket…but I’m not sure 2 hours on the eliptical is what will heal you..maybe a really slow walk?

  6. Feel better, girl. This bug is really making its rounds.

  7. You seem to like the extreme, so I say Go For It! If you feel like crap you can always stop. But it might make you feel better, at least mentally. Good luck, whatever you choose!

  8. Any news from the doctor?

    Just checking in with you!

    Be careful!!!

  9. I’m not a fan of working out when I don’t feel well, but if you aren’t feeling awful it might not hurt to hit the gym.

  10. When I was sick last week, I did take some time off and am now feeling 100%. I haven’t really done that in the past (kept working out) and it did take me longer to recover.

  11. What did you think of the show? Grr…Vicky! BTW- did the Dr. say anything about a possible thyroid issue? It seems your recent symptoms (aside from this obvious head cold) could be indicative of thyroid issues….

  12. I woke up feeling the exact same crappy way! I figure the food I’m not eating makes up for the couple days of working out I plan to take off. The couch is calling to me.

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