Unhappy birthday

It’s my blog’s birthday. One year ago today, I went to blogger.com and hit “create blog.” 381 posts later, “Create a post” on Blogger is prominently listed in my favorites on iGoogle, and I have over 173 favorite blogs in Google Reader that I (try to) read daily. Blogging and running have become such a huge part of my life in the last year… but I’ll save most of that reflection for some December 31st posts. I don’t really feel like posting much more today, because today pretty much sucks.

Boyfriend’s company is laying off another 10% this morning. Last time they finished all the cuts by noon, and he texted me to say he was okay. But I haven’t heard from him yet, and I’m really worried he’s going to be in that 10%.

In other awesome news, my company is going to be cutting 10% in early January (apparently 10% is the arbitrary number every company picks). I’m working my butt off (on Sunday, I worked 1 PM to 3 AM) to make sure I’m not in that 10%, but it doesn’t really matter – it’s a lot of politics, luck, and factors out of my control.

These are rough times.


  1. Ack! Good luck. These are anxiety-inducing times, for sure. Stupid Bush administration, ruining everything that was good and fun in the ’90s.

  2. ((Hugs)) kiddo. Keep your chin up.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of you!

    MCM Mama

  4. Congrats on the milestone… and good luck!

  5. I hope neither you nor your boyfriend and part of the cuts!

  6. Happy blogaversary! I hope the boyfriend survives the 10%!

  7. That’s so scary. Good luck to you both.

  8. Just keep on thinking about the positive things in your life. At least you have your family, friends and health! But I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  9. Happy Blog-Birthday, but sorry to hear about all of this bad news. Here’s hoping you both come out okay.

  10. Good luck…I’m in the same boat too. I’ll say prayers.

  11. Good luck i hope both you and your boyfriend are not part of the dreaded 10%!!!

    Keep your chin up girlie!!

    Oh and congrats on 1 year of blogging!!! I am almost there too!!!

  12. I hope you and your BF are NOT in that 10%. sounds like you deserve to stay.

  13. Uuuggh, sorry to hear about the cuts happening, I hope you and your boyfriend are in the clear. Having that anxiety and uncertainty sucks….I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  14. Sending positive vibes your way.

  15. Recessions suck. And this is turning into the mother of all recessions.

  16. Wait you’re running Honolulu? How did I miss this? I am running too—will get my maniac status. I’m also running in an elf suit. When do you get here? You coming with anyone? Email me frayedlaces at gmail with your info and we can meet up!

  17. hang in there girlie… hope everything turns out ok!

  18. Happy blogoversary!

    Soooooo sorry to hear about the layoffs going on. I seem to be hearing that it’s going on everyone. Still doesn’t make it any easier when it affects you so close to home. Keep us posted, Laura.

  19. I’m not sure what the appropriate place to post this is, but I figure that you’ll want to see one of your Marathon Maniac friends in the paper:


  20. try to stay positive, being worried now won’t change the outcome it’ll only make you sad now.

  21. Good luck. I hope everything turns out okay. Things are tough and you’re doing exactly what you can do by making yourself valuable.

  22. Oh man… it sure is tough times. I’m glad you’re still blogging a year later! And I am hoping for the best in your job situation!!

  23. Don’t let all of that undermine your blogging birthday. That many posts and such a life change is a huge accomplishment!

    (But, I’m still sorry about the layoffs. sadface.)

  24. I hope it all works out for you both. My company’s chosen the magic 10% too – cutting all overhead costs by 10% in the next year, creating a pretty depressing work environment.

    Hope to read another year of great posts!

  25. Oh Laura, how scary. I’m sending “still employed” vibes your way! (And happy anniversary, by the way).

  26. Happy Blog Birthday!!!! hey…awesome job…trying to do every single day? gosh I give you credit!

  27. Keep the chin up Laura. Hopefully, every survived the 10%. Happy blog birthday. Here’s to many many more!

  28. ooof, yes they are! my company went through its first round of layoffs this month which was absolutely frightening. the boyf hasn’t had a job for almost 6 months now!

  29. Happy Blog-Birthday !!! I will be crossing my fingers and toes that you and your boyfriend will not be part of the cut.

  30. Happy Blogger Birthday! My company has already started layoffs. Luckily I’m in the clear BUT the mood around work is terrible. Many doors have been slammed, lots of whispering in the hallways…it’s NOT good. The layoffs aren’t even over yet…can you believe it…2 weeks before Xmas!

  31. arggg that sucks. I hope everything turns out ok. I’m sorry this ruined your blog’s bday, but congrats on that, that’s awesome!

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