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When I’m planning to run and it’s a cloudy day with a chance of showers, I don’t want to run. What if it started sprinkling? I might get damp. It’s a great excuse not to go.

When I have no intention of running and the weather is horrific (windy, pouring rain, etc), I think about how my shoes will be squishing in the puddles and how I’ll probably get nasty blisters, and how I’ll be all cold and wet and that it’s cold enough that my hair will probably freeze… and I just want to get out there and go. I think about how hardcore I would be and how I could brag about my hardcoreness in a blog post, and it makes me want to go for a run.

How does this make any sense at all? Does anyone else get this kind of motivation?

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  1. Hahahah being able to blog about being hardcore is a serious motivator for me!

  2. I’m getting pretty comfortable with blogging about how I kicked ass on the treadmill. Again.

  3. As I decided not to run this lightly sprinkling morning (actually, just dripping water from trees), I felt exactly the same way. I get all excited about running when it’s only 25 degrees outside, but I don’t like to run when it’s just a little wet.

  4. Blogging is such a great accountablility tool. I’m all about the bragging!

  5. It is regular days that make you a good runner, it is the hardcore days that make you a great runner. Well, that sounds good anyways. Just be more careful on those hardcore days unlike me who almost broke my wrist yesterday on some ice covered by light snow.

  6. When I went out to work this morning, a guy was coming in soaking wet. I was jealous – I wanted that to be me finishing up my run in the pouring rain.

  7. I definitely think blogging is a great motivator. Since I’ve been blogging about working out and eating right I feel way more accountable.

    I also use weather excuses a lot, which is why I didn’t run the whole month of December using the “it’s too cold excuse.” In my defence it was -40 C but I coulda hopped on the treadmill…

  8. I completely agree! Running in bad weather makes me feel like a total badass. I’m always sad when it’s pouring and I don’t get the chance to go running.

    By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog! I can’t even remember how I stumbled across it…but keep it up!

  9. The hardcoreness factor is a huge motivator for me. especially since i can blog about it afterwards…

  10. we are runners…so to my defition we are a little crazy

  11. We are definitely a strange bunch.

  12. TOTALLY follow your logic : ).

  13. I love running in icky weather because of just those reasons — you feel totally bad arse. :)

  14. i was telling my friend chris about “my friend laura who ran 6 half marathons and 12 full marathons in 2008” and he said “she’s crazy.” i said “no, she’s amazing.”

  15. I saw someone using his yak traks this morning and all I’ve been able to think about at work is using mine…it’s it’s yucky outside!

  16. Hard core and bad ass yeah baby!!!

    Those are the very two things i want to be in 2009!!!

    So, what do i have to do to be hard core and bad ass??

    You tell me please!!!

    Happy Thursday!!!

  17. Haha, I hate running in “weather.” I vote treadmill during the rain, wind, snow, ice, anything that is not sunny and bright.

  18. I get that motivation when I know my butt cheeks won’t freeze together and all.

    Yaaay podcast!

  19. oh, it makes total sense. You should do it!

  20. I feel the same way about snow and cold. Minus 2? No way. Minus 22? Bring it on. Even better if someone sees me running from inside their house/office, sealing my reputation as an “X-treme” runner.

  21. Hi Laura, This was the first runners lounge podcast I’ve listened to. You did great!

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