Better than a treadmill

Walking dogs is pretty darn awesome. It looked enough like rain that were it just me going out for my run, I surely would have stayed home and caught up on some Judge Judy. But Charley apparently loves walking in the rain, so off I went.

The good news is, it didn’t rain. The bad news is, it snowed. Hard. Today we went to the park, and we were just in the midst of heading up the Harlem Hills when the snow started filling. When we hit the top of the hill, the wind picked up and the snow did too, turning the left side of my face into an icicle. But Charley? He was thrilled, dancing around me and frolicking so much that I had to be careful not to trip on him as I ran.

When you walk a dog, you don’t have to keep up a conversation. You can say whatever crazy thoughts come into your head, and people just think you’re talking to your dog (because clearly that is much less crazy than talking to yourself). Or you can say nothing at all and save your breath; the dog doesn’t care.

When you walk a dog, you will not get to slow down out of laziness. That dog will keep going. And I mean going. Charley was happily bounding along at a 7:39 pace until I made him stop and walk for a while. Talk about speedwork! Interestingly, Charley wanted to run on the uphills and walk on the downhills. Thanks, boy!

6.5 miles today, of which 5 were with the dog and about 3 were running. Perhaps unemployment will agree with me!


  1. I admire how industrious you are during these crappy times! Keep up the good work and keep having fun with the puppies!

  2. I am so jealous of your dog walking! that is seriously my dream job.

  3. I thought about doing dog-walking to convince my boyfriend that we should get a dog…and you totally make it sound like a lot of fun :) What type of dog are you walking?

  4. Sounds like a great combination…what a great running partner!

  5. What a great way to spend a day!

  6. I totally agree, I love walking/running my mom’s big golden lab when I visit home, it makes for a fantastic workout that’s for sure!

  7. Glad to hear somebody enjoyed the snow today! This dog-walking thing could be a blessing in disguise for you.

  8. Nice way to enjoy the snow! Glad you are enjoying the dog walking. Ana-Maria

  9. Snow!? At least the doggie liked it.

    Just think, you’re now being paid to run – who would have thought?

  10. The snow this afternoon was wild.. but glad you still managed to get a run in through that weather!

  11. haha that is a great way to get a workout! Such a good dog! i wish my dog wanted to run!

  12. Sounds like you’reh having a good time with your dog walking gig!

  13. Very nice!!

    I may give dog walking a go!!!

  14. That is too funny. I need a dog so that my moaning and grunting while running goes unnoticed.

    I’m no math major, but how do you get a 6.5 mile day if you did 5 w/ the dog and 3 running? :)

  15. soooo fun!!! :)

  16. What a fun gig! I’m actually secretly envious! Enjoy it!

  17. I could really use you at my house. I have 4 unruly dogs and I don’t have the energy to run them all, I poop out way before they all do!

  18. Have fun whit the snow!…

  19. Hey Laura
    Can you email me please at

    I have a question!!!


  20. Dog walking can be fun! I love walking my dog..just not when its this cold. Sad that you dont want to do the half iron..haha. OH WELL! Keep runnin those marathons girl!

  21. see, that’s exactly why I don’t do dogs. The walking them part. ha!

  22. “because clearly that is much less crazy than talking to yourself”

    I never thought about that–but it’s totally true!

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