Boston Followup

After the big disappointment with Kara Goucher at the Boston Marathon, I was amazed and excited to hear that she is petitioning her coach to run London this weekend. THIS weekend! I know I’m a Marathon Maniac and nothing should surprise me, but to have an elite runner consider doing a “double” (in an attempt to WIN, no less) is pretty amazing! I wondered if she would sign up to be a Marathon Maniac once she did that… and I wonder if we would give her extra stars if she won or placed. Unfortunately, today’s update is that she has ruled out London… darn it.

Speaking of Boston, yesterday at work, someone sent out a mass e-mail that he had a ton of extra Boston Marathon 2008 shirts and jackets, and if anyone would like to take them off his hands, to stop by his cube and it would be first-come first-serve. I immediately turned to my coworkers and was like “Quick, do you know Bill? Where does Bill sit? WHERE DOES BILL SIT?” Fortunately, he was only a few cube pens away, and I scored a beautiful women’s small jacket and several men’s large and women’s extra large tech shirts. I was so excited! While I don’t think it’s right to wear it until I’ve actually run Boston, I plan to put the jacket up on my wall as a reminder of what I am working toward for next year.

I already promised one of the shirts to Lam, but if you’re a guy and you ran Boston this year and would like a free shirt, let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to pass the other shirts along!


  1. Sad to hear that she ruled out London, but it’s probably for the best. I so wished she took that first spot!!!

  2. Seriously I have such a girl crush on KG. But I’m thinking ruling out London was probably a good decisions. Way to score some sweet Boston gear!

  3. That would have been so exciting if Kara turned around and ran London, but it’s probably better in the long run (har har) that she didn’t. I think I read somewhere that she really wanted to win a marathon (preferably on American soil) and then maybe work on starting a family. But I might just be spreading rumors.

    Nice deal on the Boston gear! The one time I was in Boston, I came across a store that had marathon jackets 50% off, and I was so tempted to buy one…It will be my first purchase after I qualify!

  4. That girl is just so amazing. Best of luck to her in the future.

    I love your “WHERE DOES BILL SIT!” Totally something I would do. :o)

  5. That’s a good idea, putting the jacket in your cube to remind you. Definitely a BIG TIME motivator there!

  6. Holy cool dude, that’s just brilliant.

    Kara Goucher is so my chick crush :-)

  7. LOL I could totally picture you saying “where does bill sit?” lol!!!

    Hey, I’m going to be going to New York in a few week-ends for about 3 days, and I was wondering if you had tips on what is a must see? I’ve done the museums and the statue of liberty, so I mostly want to do New-Yorky stuff :)

    Also, I wanted to run in Central Park, what’s the nicest route?? :)

    You can e-mail me at greenestacorn at yahoo dot com. (if you have time of course), it’d be super appreciated, thanks!

  8. You are seriously hardcore…you taped the Boston Marathon and watched it?! Whaaat?! That’s awesome.

  9. too bad she’s not running London, that would have been great to see. Oh well.

  10. Lucky you scoring that swag!

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