I’m ready for summer skirts!

I woke up this morning with my calves being just a touch sore… but not even enough to affect my gait. Score! Maybe I can do well at Nashville next weekend after all.

I headed down to the gym to lift weights (arms only – I know to give my legs a rest), and while I was on the dip/pull up machine, my legs were flexing every time I was pushing the assistance bar down with one foot in preparation to start my reps. To the immediate left of the machine is a full length mirror, and when I glanced over, my legs were HOT! The muscles were tight and defined, almost in a body building way but not quite. My arms workout wasn’t great (I’ve been slacking lately, and it showed in the number of reps and amount of weight I could do), but as soon as I got back up to my apartment, I snapped a few shots of my legs with the help of my bathroom mirror. This is getting posted on my medals wall for further inspiration when I don’t want to run!

Today, I don’t have any running planned… just a bit more weight lifting while I catch up on Survivor. I will do a good amount of (non-exercise) walking though, when I meet my friend for a Chinatown shopping trip. Fake bags, here I come! And don’t think for a second that I’m not going to wear a miniskirt today :)


  1. That is great gams right there! You just motivated me too!

  2. That would definitely be a good motivator!!

  3. Great photo and great legs! That’s a nice reward for all of the hard work!

  4. Dang girl, nice stems!

  5. Wow, your legs do look smoking! What a great reminder/motivator to run!!

  6. excellent…so glad you went with the skirt. you go!

  7. Yeah those are some great thin legs…I pray everyday I can get back there after the baby ruins my bod! Also I just saw Gap has a new sports apparel site from gap.com. Love it! Motivation for me is always a great new workout outfit!

  8. Smokin hot legs!!!! Woooooooo hooooooo!!!!! You are totally ready for skirts!!!

  9. Ah, the legs of youth! Not a spider vein to be seen! :) But honestly, you look great.

  10. Awesome legs!! I’m jealous! Definitely a good motivator.

  11. I, too, am REALLY jealous of those legs!!!

  12. yeah girl! haha its supposed to be like 70 this weekend so work it!

  13. Smokin legs…luckyyyy…

  14. It should be against the law for you to wear pants. What I mean to say is – nice legs.

  15. lol – I wonder how many random google searches you’ll get on this post :)

    Hey, whatever works to inspire you, right??

    How is the 50 states goal coming?

  16. If that isn’t a good reason to start running, I don’t know what is. Good job!

  17. you weren’t kidding, your legs look awesome!! definitely break out the skirts for sure!

  18. Nice legs! Although I’ll have to leave it at that–I am married after all.

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